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Teen Makeup Series: Product Application Order and The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes

Teen Makeup Series: What order to apply makeup

Over the last 2 months or so, Teen Makeup and what products to use, and my tips, has become a big topic! I’ve been getting emails about what products to use, I have had friends at work ask me about their daughters, and I even have a planned ULTA trip with some friends so I can help their teen daughters shop.

In general, I have the same recommendations for teen makeup regardless of the person. I was the same way as a teen, but almost all teens want to wear way too much makeup. And while you think it looks good… It doesn’t. And as much as your mom tries to tell you it is too much, you don’t want to hear it from her. I will tell you. You don’t want (or even need) full coverage foundation. It looks like a mask. Chances are your skin tone is much better suited to lighter coverage. Heavy contouring might give the illusion of high cheekbones when you use a few filters in an Instagram picture, but in person it looks like you have dirt on your face. That’s not pretty. And super bold brows (“eye brows on fleek”) are a hit on Instagram but make you look like a clown in person. It is all true.

My advice to teens regarding makeup is that you want to look pretty, but still like yourself and it shouldn’t involve a lot of super obvious makeup. I’m a fan of a slightly more natural look. I recommend checking out Lisa Eldridge, a huge makeup artist from the UK who also happens to work as the Creative Director of Lancome. Also, Cara from Maskcara, a makeup artist turned beauty blogger and makeup line owner from Utah. Both showcase very pretty makeup that looks great but doesn’t steal the spotlight from you.

What Order Should I Apply my Makeup?

I usually start with a moisturizer or BB Cream right after I wash my face. They both need a few minutes to set into your skin. It’s a great time to do your hair or something else.

Then I do my eyes (sometimes mascara or eye shadow gets on my cheek), and if there are any product spills to clean up I can easily wipe them away with a Q-Tip, tissue or even a makeup remover wipe depending on how much I got on to my face.

If I do my entire face first, I always end up spending too much time obsessing over my concealer, when really, once my eyes are done, that’s the center of attention anyways. The extra time on my skin just isn’t noticeable, so I do my coverage very quickly.

I then apply bronzer/blush/highlighter, and I do my lips last.

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