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MAC Naturally Mineralize Skinfinish

I think that those of us with really pale complexions have a harder time finding products than most “normal” people realize. By normal, I mean those with more average amounts of pigment. Those of us at the dark and light end of the spectrum have a really hard time.

Which is why I want to hoard these Mineralize Skinfinishes. Soooo pretty. And amazing for my pale skin.

I’ve gone over these a few times so you can see the pretty shimmer and the shades. It is easy to make them sheer (use a big brush to apply all over) or more opaque (a smaller brush to use as a blush). Love them!


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  1. 1.17.12

    SO wish i had the money to try these omg!

  2. 1.17.12

    These looks so pretty!! I really love the blonde color!

    I'm still loving the stuff you sent me. =)