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Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover Review

lancome bi-facil remover review

Have you noticed that I’m starting to obsess over eye makeup removers? I read somewhere about the amount of eye makeup that dermatologists can see under a woman’s eyes that we didn’t even know was there, and they said something about the buildup contributing to dark circles. That was enough for me to start testing them like crazy!

A long time ago, I had a Lancome eye makeup remover. It came in a little white tube, I believe it was a gift with purchase item. Lancome discontinued that product long ago for a good reason, it really only smeared stuff around. Because of my experience with that product I had been resistant to trying Lancome eye makeup removers. I should have tried this product years ago, truly. There is a good reason it is one of their best sellers and has won so many awards from Allure and Glam.com.

This is an amazing eye makeup remover. It is the only one I’ve tested that completely (and easily at that) removes the incredibly difficult to remove Revlon 3D Mascara. This product has 2 phases, and needs to be well shaken before use. A little bit on a cotton pad, rub it across your lid and voila! All makeup is easily on the pad and no longer on your eye. No residue is left behind either.

In case you’re wondering, this does work better than the much cheaper Boots Eye Makeup Remover. Is it worth the extra $16? That depends on your eye makeup routine. If you wear a lot of eye shadow, eye liner or any waterproof mascara, I would say that the upgrade is well worth the money.

You can buy it at Macy’s or Nordstrom

I bought it myself, Affiliate Links

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  1. 10.26.07
    Alison said:

    I love the Neutrogena Oil Free eye makeup remover. It’s relatively inexpensive and works really well!

  2. 10.27.07
    daphne said:

    I swear by this eye makeup remover. It’s simply the best! Some people say Maybelline or Loreal is almost the same but way cheaper (after all, it’s the same parent company), but I beg to differ. I’ve tried both Lancome and Maybelline, but Lancome cleans better!

  3. 4.30.08
    Anonymous said:

    Have you tried Clinique’s Take The Day Off makeup remover? I find that it works just as well as Lancome’s Bi-Facil but it’s less expensive šŸ™‚