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Currently Loving: Klorane’s Shampoo with Nettle

Product Sent for Review

Klorane's Shampoo with Nettle
Recently, Klorane sent me their new Shampoo with Nettle, and even though I don’t really have very oily hair, I’ve fallen hard for it!

The shampoo is formulated for those with oily hair, with the addition of Nettle, a plant grown for Klorane in Portugal. The Nettle is rich in vitamins A, C and amino acids and decreases the production of oil by inhibit the activity of a sebum-producing enzyme. So, over time your scalp makes less oil.

In the meantime, this is a pretty amazing shampoo. It’s lightweight (though it is a little bit watery to be 100% perfect, so be careful when you put it in your hand), has a little herbal scent and a nice lather. Mostly what it does is make my hair super clean without stripping it of every last bit of moisture (no squeaky clean = a good thing) and it somehow helps to make my hair easier to style and softer.

I’ve been combining it with some of my more intense hydrating masks and I swear I’ve been having so many more good hair days.

Product Sent for Review

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