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Instant Volume: Klorane with Flax Fiber Shampoo and Leave-In Spray Review

Product Sent for Review

Klorane Shampoo with Flax Fiber and Leave-In Spray with Flax Fiber Review

This spring I’m all about volume. I want more volume in my hair, I swear that it will make growing out my long bob easier! But, I don’t really want to work to get that volume. Use my teasing comb? No. I refuse! I’d rather just use a volumizing styling product, especially if it gives me volume that lasts all day without any effort.

Klorane has just come out with 2 new products that promise to give me that easy volume (and yes, they do deliver!)

What’s different about the Flax Fiber products is, well, flax fiber. The flax for these products is grown on an organic farm in the south of France, and then extracted by Klorane. The flax forms a lightweight film around each hair to provide extra support and add volume. The flax is found in both the shampoo and a companion leave-in spray. I get some volume from the shampoo alone, but if I want a bit more volume then I’ll just spray the Leave-In on to the areas I want a bit more volume (mostly the roots on the crown of my head). I use it on my hair when it is wet and then just dry and style as usual.

The Leave-In also has a mineral clay in it to absorb any extra oil in your hair without weighing it down. This is great if you have oily hair, which isn’t usually an issue for me but I’m interested to see if that helps me at all this summer.

So, do I get more volume with this duo? Yes. It isn’t over the top volume, but it is definitely good volume that lasts all day. I love that to get it I don’t need to do anything other than reach for a different shampoo in the shower, and I can add in a few spritzes of the leave-in if I want a little extra at my crown.

Product Sent for Review

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