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Intensive Treatment in Under 5 Minutes: Kerastase Fusio-Dose Review

Kerastase Fusio-Dose Review

I’ve been pretty open with my hair struggles. I have thick, but fine hair. And it’s pretty straight, and an in between brown that’s kind of blah on it’s own. So, I mess with it, a lot! My hair can take a lot of abuse, but eventually even my hair can’t take it any more. There was that time a few years ago that I fried my hair, and too much heat styling (aka- obsession with my BeachWaver) resulted in hair that felt like a Brillo Pad. More recently, I’ve colored, bleached, permed and heat styled my way into damaged hair. I’ve been using deep conditioners, hair treatments like Olaplex, and avoiding heat styling. But still, my hair is breaking off and split ends are multiplying!

I recently went to my salon for a root touch up and trim (I’ve been going for more frequent trims with the damage), and my stylist was surprised to see how dry my hair had gotten over the last few weeks! She decided that we would “go for the big guns” and do a deep treatment.

The treatment Tiffany did on my hair was from the Kérastase Fusio-Dose Hair Lab, and only took about 5 minutes total, but it made a huge difference in my hair’s health, and I think I’ll be getting a treatment each time I go to the salon!

The treatment is specialized for your hair type, and there are a huge number of possible treatment combinations. Tiffany and I knew exactly my issue (over-processed, damaged and dry), but there is a Hair & Scalp Profiler Camera that can be used to help diagnose the issue with your hair. The camera can zoom in on the hair up to 600x, so you can really see what the issue is.

Once you know what the primary issue is, you can pick the appropriate Fusio-Dose base. There are then different additives that can help fix secondary issues. So, if you hair is damaged but also a bit dry, you can do the Concentré Vita-Ciment to help reconstruct the hair, and add in Booster Nutrition for lots of hydration. But if your hair is more dry with some damage, then you would start with Concentré Oléo-Fusion and then probably Booster Reconstruction. There are bases and boosters to deal with frizz, add shine, make hair feel thicker and more manageable. Depending upon what you need fixed, there’s a combination to deal with it!

Once you have the correct combination, it is all sprayed into the hair, left on for a few minutes and rinsed out with cool water. For me, the change was apparent immediately and I was kind of shocked by how much of a change there was! My hair was much smoother and healthier looking, it is no longer breaking off, and it is much more moisturized. Tiffany said I should expect the immediate change to last for a few weeks and then it will slowly go away.

This is an in salon only treatment, so you’ll need to look for a Kerastase Salon, mine just happens to be one. I go to One One Nine in downtown Ann Arbor if you live near me!

Personally, this treatment made such a big difference in my hair’s health that I’ll probably be heading back to the salon in between trims to have another treatment. In the meantime, I’m using Masque Thérapiste (here at Kérastase) a few times a week to help my damaged hair.

Update! Fusio-Dose is once again available in a “home lab” to use at home! Here’s a full Kerastase Fusio-Dose Home Lab review.

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  1. 7.15.19

    My hairs is very damaged as my hairdresser over processed and left the bleach on for to long.
    My hair hast started breaking everywhere.
    I have had 2 aqua fusio treatments so far but it almost feels like my hair is gtting shorter each time i have a treatment.
    I am going overseas next week and am desperate for a bit of colour as all my blond is growing out but i dont want it to break.
    Advise please

    • 7.15.19
      15mins said:

      The aqua fusio I believe is for dry hair, not damaged. There is a damaged hair version (it’s green), but i would also do Olaplex, it can be in the salon or at home, if at home I advise using it as an overnight treatment. If your hair is breaking off, you might not have any choice but to get it cut to remove the damage. Sorry!

  2. 2.27.21
    SD said:

    Hi, I got the Kérastase Fusio dose as part of my balayage after the toner. I wasn’t happy with the color as it was orange when I asked for ash brown and they had to go back twice with toner and shampoo. Do you think that pulled out the Kérastase treatment since the toner had a lot of hydrogen peroxide as developer (it smelled really strong too)? Thank you!

    • 2.28.21
      Christine said:

      No, they don’t add it as part of the color treatment, it’s done afterwards when the color has “set” and it won’t disrupt the color at all. It’s not unusual to need to tone after doing balayage, but you may have gone for a drastic color change and that definitely can go too orange and need toning, it all depends on the underlying base color of your hair.