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Want Long Hair? Hair Stylists Reveal Their Favorite Tips for Growing It Out Faster

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How to get your hair to grow out faster and longerLet’s face it, we all get drawn in by the pictures of amazing cascading curls over on Pinterest. If you’re thinking about growing out your hair, and dreading it, there are things you can do to speed along the process! I’ve asked some of the best hair stylists in the country for their best tips on growing out your hair and doing it fast! They gave me so many amazing tips that the post is split into 2 parts. The other half is over on Pammy Blogs Beauty, since my good friend Pam is in the middle of moving!

Crystal Casey
Regretfully, your hair will grow at its normal rate until the end of time (.5 inch per month) But keeping it looking healthy is a big part of keeping your legenth if you’re growing it out. Getting a trim every 4-6 weeks is no myth. Will your hair keep growing if you don’t get it cut? Of course…it will just start to look like straw on the ends. Once a split end develops it just keeps splitting up the hair strand which is what causes that unhealthy straw-like look. If you trim every 4-6 weeks you won’t have to cut off 3-4 inches every 6-9 months.

Joshua Ristaino
Some of the best hair growth systems out there are Viviscal Professional Supplement Hair Nutrition Program or the Rene Furterer Triphasic Regenerating Treatment and the RF 80 Concentrated Serum. Viviscal helps hair growth internally and the Rene Furterer helps topically!

Greg Ruggeri
(Greg is right, Biotin has been proven in medical studies to increase the rate of hair growth! You can read more about it in my Biotin for nail and hair health post)

Younghee Kim
To grow hair fast starts first with a healthy diet but we can always do more to help the hair by getting a hair and scalp balance service often which is why many of our clients at the Younghee Salon order weekly and monthly. It’s literally like getting a facial or massage for your scalp. It stimulates the circulation to your head and this really helps the hair to grow faster. It’s amazing, our clients love the hair and scalp balance! Also, getting a small trim or dusting the ends every 6 weeks on dry hair can be very helpful and thickens your hair as it grows.

Experts Share Longer Hair Tips
Crystal Casey is a 5 year experienced Paul Mitchell Professional, a master of color, a creative genius in updos and special event styles, as well as a skilled precision cutter. High Voltage Hair by Crystal Casey offers on location hair services. Everything from cuts & color, to photo shoots & bridal services. Crystal is very well known in the Hampton Roads wedding community. Her work can be found in The Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine and on the pages of various well known photographers & make up artist in the area. Crystal was also lucky enough to be able to work with Miss United States 2012: Whitney Miller. Her education continues everyday as she pushes herself to learn new and innovative trends, as well as new color and cutting techniques. Crystal travels in and around the Hampton Roads area for services to her clients.

Celebrity stylist and makeup artist Joshua-Myles Ristaino not only counts A-List clients like Elizabeth McGovern, Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth Olsen, and Marc Jacobs as his clients, but his work has also graced the pages of Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. A graduate of the Aveda Institute, NY, Joshua-Myles has been given the fundamentals of hair cutting, and his continuing education with Toni and Guy over the years has honed his craft. Whether he’s on set at an editorial shoot or getting a client red-carpet ready, he depends on tried and true products to bring his vision to life. Joshua-Myles was born in Boston, MA. He has lived and worked in numerous countries, maintaining New York as his home for the last four years.

Greg Ruggeri of Salon Ruggeri is an Australian native, Ruggeri’s career began when he was just 13, while working at his mother’s salon as an assistant, Ruggeri quickly picked up on the trade. Using his mother as a mentor, at 15 he started an apprenticeship working for a salon in fashionable Paddington, Sydney. He quickly worked his way up the ladder, finding time to train as a make-up artist, going on to do hair & make-up regularly for Gucci, Louis Vuitton and YSL. In 2005, Ruggeri opened his own salon with interior designer partner, Craig Longhurst, in their Victorian townhouse in Sydney, Australia. The two-chair intimate salon became the salon for Australia’s celebrity and elite, providing masterful work in a very exclusive and private setting. After five successful years, Ruggeri and Longhurst brought their salon stateside to New York City and opened Salon Ruggeri in August 2010. Today, Salon Ruggeri seamlessly blends the finest talent in hairstyling with rare one-on-one experience in an artful and chic setting.

Younghee Kim is a Vidal Sassoon trained, top stylist, and is a national speaker and expert in hair care industry. Younghee was nominated as best woman’s stylist in New York magazine and has been featured in top national media including hair and beauty and fashion magazines. Younghee Kim is the owner of the Younghee Salon. The Younghee Salon has captured the attention of global trendsetters, news media, celebrities and the fashion world.

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  1. 7.12.13

    Thanks again for sharing these amazing tips Christine! 🙂 Also, many thanks for the guest post!!! xoxo

  2. 7.12.13
    Deb said:

    OK, I have to call it on Younghee Kim. Getting a trim every few weeks cannot thicken your hair. You have the hair you have because of the hair follicles you have, not because of how often you get it trimmed. Maybe it was meant to say the "appearance" of thicker hair?