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Hair Stylists Reveal the Trick to Getting Stick Straight Hair to Curl, AND Stay That Way!

Tips for curling straight hair

I’m sure a lot of us straight haired girls have complained at one point or another that we can’t get our hair to hold curl. Like, at all. Usually the words “stick straight” are also used (though really, sticks aren’t straight?), so I called in a few experts to find out their tricks to getting our hair curly in the salon. (And I admit that I couldn’t resist buying this stock picture, doesn’t she look like she’s maniacally happy that her hair is finally curled?)

Crystal Casey
I like to use Joico’s medium hold hair spray before using the iron then once I’m done curling, I spray the curls with Joico’s Firm Hold hairspray. Let the curls cool down while you apply make up or get dressed. Then use Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal Anti Frizz and Shine Spray all over and finger out the curls. DO NOT BRUSH THEM! An extra spray of Firm Hold never hurts.

Alfredo Lewis
I take round sections of hair, starting at the bottom and build my foundation. I go section by section, spraying each with a strong holding spray before using a curling iron. I hold the iron upside down and wrap each section tightly around the iron. Hold and then release.

Joshua Ristaino
To help hair hold curls I like to use either the Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse or the Rene Furterer Acanthe Curl Enhancing Leave-in Fluid. Both can be applied to wet hair and diffused. The key is not to play around with the curls until the hair is completely dry.

Greg Ruggeri
I use Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm and their Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray (sea salt spray), complimented with a few clips.

Andrea Dion Jacobs
Curling with an iron hair should be dry and a little “dirty”. Day old hair is perfect, if not spray nice workable hair spray throughout the hair, I like Bumble and Bumble Classic and brush through. Spray each section again with hair spray as you iron the hair, clipping up the curl as you go along. Once all clipped up let “set” for a minute or 2 (great time to do your make up) then release and style. You can always work out a curl too tight than desired then try to make it tighter after the fact.

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  1. 7.24.13

    Great tips. This time of year my wife ALWAYS complains about her hair not holding a curl. I love it either way but I'll pass this along to her. 🙂

    Chris at adipheneadvice.com

  2. 7.24.13
    Anonymous said:

    Heh I was wondering if anyone would mention Joico hairspray. I remember that from my dance and theatre days as a kid. Nothing is going ANYWHERE once the Joico's been sprayed on it!

  3. 7.25.13

    We always want what we don’t have. For hair, straighties want curls, and curlies want straight. I love my curls but love straightening them out too.

  4. 7.26.13
    Deb said:

    Does anyone know where to buy the Rusk MiraCurl? It looks like an amazing tool for people like me with stick straight hair but when I google it, it only shows up on Australian websites.