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Heat Free Curls Attempt Update: I Look Awesome in 2 Headbands

I would like to nominate myself for some sort of amazing blogger award for being willing to post these pictures of myself on-line. Look at my hair! I look like a crazy person. Oh, and this is right before bed, and I had been on-call the night before. So, I’m super tired looking. Sigh.

Anyways, you might remember last week’s post about curling your hair without heat by wrapping it around a headband. I mentioned trying with 2 headbands in order to have the curls start higher on my head. I thought this would help with the inconsistency I had in curl size as well (I had some super tight spirals, some big waves and one small chunk had come out straight despite being wrapped. How this straightened my wavy hair I don’t know.) Anyways, if you look down in the comments you’ll see the discussion about adding a second head band, a’la Kim Kardashian’s strange wedding head gear.

And above that’s obviously what I looked like once I finished wrapping my hair. I did the horizontal band first, using an elastic Goody no-slip headband, and then added a more diagonal stretchy fabric headband (also from Goody) over the first one. I did find that it was easier to wrap all of my hair using 2 headbands, though I have an insane amount of hair so this might just be something particular to me.

Read on to see if this more advance technique of lazy hair curling worked!

So, here’s where I look crazy in the pictures. Because I really do not have the knack of holding the camera away from me and taking pics that show my hair. I’ll need to experiment with my camera some more, but these were the 2 pics that came out from about 50. Yes, really.

So, above you can see that 2 headbands seemed to come with inconsistent results. I think the elastic (bright blue) headband was too small, and next time when using 2 headbands I’ll be sure to use 2 of the same type. But, I seemed to have problems with some chunks of hair (bigger ones than last time) coming out straight. Given the overall increase in volume of my hair… this was not good. I was heading in to work this day, so this caused a bit of a panic.

I did try pulling my hair back with a clip, and you can kind of see in this pic that this helped make the curls look more consistent in the back (and they do look pretty), though if you can catch my reflection in the mirror you’ll see that my hair looks huge. I should be an extra in Steel Magnolias. I ended up putting my hair up in a messy bun (which apparently looked cute, I got quite a few misguided compliments from friends at work).

So, over all I’m calling this an epic fail. I couldn’t leave my hair down, the curls were all over the place or not present at all and it took a while to untangle my hair. I’m back to looking for a new way to curl my hair overnight. My goal is to have a quick and easy way to do this without needing to buy any special curlers, just use something I already have on hand. If you know of a technique, let me know!

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  1. 9.10.11

    The hair half pulled back made it all come together to look quite nice really. Plus, high volume hair is certainly in (at least in California).

  2. 9.10.11
    Jean said:

    I kind of had the same problem with it being inconsistent and not perfect enough to wear to work. I am going to post mine soon but I have to do a before shot like you. I think you look cute in two headbands!

  3. 9.10.11
    Christina said:

    Pin curls! Old favorite for a reason, it works fabulously! I run some cream gel through my hair when it's 15 minutes and towel dried out of the shower. Divide my hair into top, middle, bottom, and average 3/4 sections per layer of hair (I have super thick hair too, I promise this works).

    Loop it into a curl and then pin it with a long bobby pin (not those wimpy little ones). Sometimes I use 2 to really keep it in place. Sleep on it, hairspray if you want the morning afterwards before taking it out. But keep in mind, it has to be dry before you take it out, otherwise your curls will be falling into waves by noon.

    Let me know how it works!!!

  4. 9.10.11
    Mary Jo said:

    When I was young and had long hair, I used Dippy Doo (I think that is what the green gunk was called) and wrapped my hair in 2 inch curlers–all over my head. To make it easier to sleep on all these curlers, I pulled the brushes out after rolling my hair. In the morning I had a nice tight curl that laid around my shoulders. Even gym class didn't mess this style. Hopefully, Dippy Doo and 2 inch brush rollers are no longer available, because women became smarter and stopped torturing themselves like I did.

  5. 9.10.11
    Christine said:

    Oh, this was beyond high volume hair. It was about 3x the kind of high volume that we all want!

  6. 9.10.11

    In the first shot I think you look like a super heroine without the rest of the costume.

  7. 9.11.11
    Christine said:

    LOL! That's a bit optimistic, but thanks Steph!

  8. 9.11.11

    Aw I'm sad it didn't work out!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  9. 9.11.11
    Victoria said:

    Rag rollers. Just tear an old dish towel into strips and roll chunks of hair into it, then tie the ends of the strip. They don't poke you like pin curls do, and you can tie them as high or as low as you want, depending on how high or low you want your curls to start.

  10. 9.11.11
    Kahani said:

    hahah thanks for sharing! How about tightly twisted buns held in place with either elastic or goody's spin pins? After a day up in ONE bun my pin-straight asian hair has the most amazing curl. More buns should give it a smaller more dynamic curl. =)

  11. 9.11.11
    Lucky Kat said:

    Have you heard of using a sock? I actually just watched this video the other day. It's a way to make sock bun curls.


    This video shows how to make the curls… but make sure to watch the other video she links, it shows you how to actually put the sock in your hair… she doesn't describe it very well in this video.

  12. 9.12.11
    Christine said:

    Yup! I first posted about it here:

    And kind of buried the reason why the sock didn't work so well for me in this post:

    Unfortunately, the sock isn't so good for those of us with long layers. I tried using a couple of socks, and it helped with the rolling, but I couldn't get it to stay in my hair.

    Thanks Kat! 😀

  13. 9.13.11

    I think it looked good. I want to try this out but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Sweet As Honey Blog