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Add Some Matte: Hard Candy Turn Me Matte Review

Mix in Mattifier

When the weather starts to turn a little warm, I swear the oil production in my t-zone ramps up like crazy! I suddenly become very shiny, and it’s hard to find solutions to mattify. There are a few primers out there that help, but I admit that I’m not a big fan of the feeling of heavy primers on my skin. I’ve tried milk of magnesia as a mattifying face primer, but the pH is pretty high, so long term this isn’t a great solution for the skin. But, it definitely works!

Recently I received an email telling me about new mix in drops from Hard Candy. They can be used alone, as a primer or you can add them to your foundation, creating a matte look and absorbing oil all day. I found them that day during a quick trip to the store to buy groceries, and it was a no brainer to add this to my cart!

Drugstore mattifier

The name “drops” makes it sound like the product should be liquid, but really it is a loose gel. It looks white on the dropper here, but once applied or mixed into your foundation it will be clear. It feels very light, and while it still is silicone, it doesn’t feel as heavy as many other primers.

I’ve been using the drops for the last week or so, and I have noticed that they make me less shiny, though I wouldn’t say matte, more of a semi-matte. The effect lasts all day, which I love. I mostly use the drops under my foundation, but I have mixed it in as well. Applying it directly to my skin has more effect and is localized, mixing it in is a softer mattifying effect.

The drops are only $6, so even though the bottle is relatively small, I’m sure I’ll repurchase them over the summer when I’m having shine issues in my t-zone. Have you tried these drops yet?

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Mix-In Drops, Turn Me Matte are only available at Walmart
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