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Green Shimmer Eye: A Refinery 29 Inspired Look

green smoky eye

too faced label whore

If you follow my Facebook Page, you may have seen a preview of this look. I saw the look on Refinery 29. I loved the green ombre look, and I was sure I could recreate it with a Too Faced shadow that I already own. Refinery 29 used MAC Club, and I used Too Faced Label Whore. Both have a warm brown matte base, but have a lot of dark green shimmer/frost in the shadow as well.

Since watching the how-to video, I’ve been thinking a lot about layering shadows over liners like this. Watch for more posts in the future with the layering!

I start with a dark green-ish gold eye liner. I apply it pretty roughly over my lid, as seen here. I then smudged it a little with a fingertip to spread it up to the crease.

Next I applied the shadow up to the crease by patting it on with a brush. This lets that green shimmer really shine!

Next I apply shadow into the crease by sweeping the brush back and forth (like that windshield wiper that everyone always talks about). This obscures the green shimmer and brings out the brown base.

Next, I applied a bit of the shadow under my eye as well. I patted to bring out that green again.

I finished up the eye look with black liner and lots of mascara.

While I wore this look for just a basic day at home (my husband is used to coming home and finding me in way too much eye makeup for what I did that day), I think that really this is more of a night out look.

Do you know of any other shadows like this? I’d love to create this look with other colors!

green smoky eye shadow

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  1. 10.19.12

    How do you do this beautiful dark inner eye liner and get it to stay? I've tried primer, powder, everything I can think of and it always blinks away within minutes and irritates my eyes, no matter what brand (usually MUFE Aqua Eyes, which has great lasting power in general)

  2. 10.19.12

    This is absolutely gorgeous and the color and shimmer of the Too Faced shadow make your beautiful brown eyes pop!

    PS: I have the same issue with my hubby sometimes; he'll come home and I'll have on a full face of makeup and he'll be like "where do you think we're going tonight?" Lol.

  3. 10.19.12

    Quinn- Exactly! Instead, I wear my cool eye shadow at home with him and our toddler. 😀

    @Little Shut-In- I have problems with that too. If I try to stay just *barely* in the waterline, think just inside of the lashes, than I have the best staying power. And forget getting it to stay in the tear duct area, that sometimes is gone before I can even take pics so I almost never bother. I know that some people will go over their liner a second time about 5 min later (I've done this, sometimes it helps, sometimes not) and some have recommended going over it with an eye shadow. I think that's pretty hard to avoid fall out. So, I just line barely inside of the lashes now and hope for the best! The MUFE works ok in that location for me, but the Elizabeth Arden Smoky eyes is my favorite because it really does stay better for me. Avoid MAC liners there, they are gone super fast!

  4. 10.19.12

    Thank you!! Elizabeth Arden Smoky eyes is officially on my shopping list!

  5. 10.20.12
    Victoria said:

    Christine, I love this look! The green really makes your eyes pop. I bet a purple smokey eye would look really gorgeous with your eye color.

  6. 10.21.12

    I have a huge purple L'Oreal pencil that I bought a few months ago to do it, but haven't actually done it yet… maybe tomorrow! Purple smoky eye=perfect for the pumpkin patch with a toddler, right? 😀

  7. 10.22.12

    looks pretty good 🙂

  8. 10.22.12
    Syen said:

    Hi Christine, love your look in this FOTD. The eyes are gorgeous. Just wondering though, what's the rest of the makeup for the face? The blush looks great on you! =)

  9. 10.23.12

    I was sooo close to posting pics of it too, but then didn't for some reason. Here's the entire list:

    Urban Decay Naked Foundation
    UD 24/7 Concealer
    UD Pore Perfecting primer
    Make Up Forever HD Powder
    MAC Solar Ray Blush
    Anastasia Moi Hydrafull Gloss