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Stretching It Out: Increasing the Time Between Hair Coloring Appointments

Best way to increase time between coloring appointments

I’m one of those people who make their next salon appointment when they’re still at the salon. I make my appointments every 6 weeks. I can’t stretch it to every 7 weeks. My hair grows so fast that at 7 weeks I’ll have a lot of roots showing! If I can’t go right at 6 weeks, I’ll bump it up to a 5 week appointment.

I ran into some scheduling issues over the summer. With school out, and my daughter in morning day camps for most of it, there were only a few days that I would be able to schedule my hair appointments.

I went 9 weeks between color appointments, and I couldn’t believe how bad my roots were! I admit that I do have a few gray hairs, though not many. Mostly I color my hair a bit darker as it is naturally a blah in between nothing brown-ish color. The new color is dark enough that there is a noticeable difference.

To help stretch the time until my salon appointment, I used an amazing root concealer! While it is named Gray Away, note that it will conceal any roots. So, it’s perfect for those times that you just can’t get to your salon in a timely fashion, or if you’re trying to space out your appointments a bit.

Before and After using Gray Away

There are two types of Gray Away, a root concealer spray and an easy to apply root touch-up magnetic powder. I’ve found that the spray is best for all over my hair, targeted at the roots. Then I touch up along my hairline with the powder. Both products hide the roots while still looking natural and shiny. You can learn more about them in my full Gray Away review post here (link to other post). Note that the color is a pretty good match for my hair, but it adjusts a bit and it looks even better a few minutes after application.

What are your favorite ways to go longer between salon appointments? This is the best way I’ve found so far!

You can find Gray Away from EVERPRObeauty at Walgreens, Ulta, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart and CVS.

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This post is in collaboration with Gray Away from EVERPRObeauty, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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