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Gillette Venus and Olay Shower and Shave Cream Review

Gillette Venus and Olay Shower and Shave Cream Review

Last year I got laser hair removal, which was great as I no longer felt like Chewbacca’s sister. However, I’m not 100% hair free and I do still need to shave every few days. My hair is much more sparse than before the laser, and it grows very slowly, but I do prefer to be super smooth if I’m swimming or wearing shorts.

Which means I still shave every few days, but I can be much sloppier about it! I fully admit that I’ll often just go over my lower legs with a razor when I’m lathered up with body wash. It isn’t quite as smooth as when I use an actual shave gel, but it’s all that I need most of the time in the winter. I’ve found that using body wash is about 75% as smooth as a shave gel.

So, I was pretty interested when Venus & Olay sent me their Shower and Shave Cream! It’s a body wash that’s meant to do exactly what I’ve been doing, help you shave with just the body wash. Except that this product is formulated to work that way.

Gillette Venus and Olay Shower and Shave Cream Review

I want to point out the fine print that I found on the bottle. This product is sold under two names, this is apparently one of the Olay Moisture Ribbons body washes, just repackaged. As long as you’re aware of this, it’s fine. I checked the price of the product at a few local stores (Meijer, Target and Walmart) and the price per ounce was always within a few cents of each other.

This is a very moisturizing body wash, and it does have a nice light vanilla scent. I found that it has a great lather, and yes, that lather can be used to help you shave. And it actually is a closer shave than with my “normal” Olay body wash, though not quite as close as with a regular shaving gel. It is smooth though! It works well enough that on a recent trip I didn’t bring any shave gel, despite planning to wear shorts and swim every day. It saved me time in the shower and room in my suitcase.

At home I’m swapping my previous Olay body wash to this one for the summer, though I’ll still keep some shave gel in my shower in case I feel the need to be extra smooth.

You can find it at Target, Walmart, or ULTA
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