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Getting Summer Ready at Sephora

summer beauty picks from sephora

Every season I evaluate my current beauty routine and think about ways that I want to update my style. No one wants to be stuck in a rut! This usually means taking stock of my current products, doing a little research and then placing a #SephoraHaul order!

This year, things I wanted to tackle:

  1. Face SPF when at the pool: I’ve used a lot of this Kiehl’s Sunscreen in the past. My whole family loves it, and it is our go-to, must have product when hanging out by the pool. But I always want a stick sunscreen for my face, something that I know will stay put on my nose, and won’t leave a white cast.
  2. Embrace the waves: My hair is actually wavy. I usually blow dry it straight (so it can be puffy) and then straighten it or curl it (which I’ve done in the pictures below). This summer I’d love to be a little less high maintenance, so I’m going to explore embracing the waves naturally, or maybe doing some heatless styling while I sleep.
  3. Undereye change-up: As I’ve aged, my undereyes are more of an issue. I just look a bit tired. I refuse to do filler or anything there, so usually I do a combo of a color corrector and then light concealer. I’d love to have a product that combines these 2 steps into 1 step.
  4. Glowy lips: Am I the only one that is tired of matte lips? This spring I’ve been craving glowy lips that are shiny and well hydrated. I started stocking up on my 2 new favorites during the Sephora Savings Event, but I haven’t been able to stop myself and now I have multiple colors of both.

One of the biggest things I’ve been doing this spring while revamping my routine for warmer weather is taking advantage of my Rouge Beauty Insider benefits!  Check out the many reasons to join (for free!) if you haven’t already. I’ve bought a few new favorites before they were available to the general public, I’ve used my points for deluxe samples of new to me products, and I’ve redeemed some points for $10 off.

Glow Recipe sunscreen stick
1. Sunscreen Stick: After some research, I ended up going with the new Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Dew Balm SPF 45. I love that it has SPF 45, and instead of mineral sunscreens, I really was looking for chemical sunscreens to avoid a heavy feeling on my face. It has some great sunscreen ingredients as well (hello, Niacinamide!) so I feel like I’m multitasking.

2. Embrace the Waves: I just got these products, so I’m sharing my plan and not my results (yet!) I haven’t fully decided if I want to try to do more of a wash and air dry wavy hair routine, or blow dry and then do heatless curls overnight routine. 

I’ve already heard from friends that the new Pattern Curl Mousse is an amazing 1 step wavy hair routine. Apply to wet hair, let hair clump and scrunch it up, then let it dry. I think this will be amazing on days I’ve gone swimming, I can wash the pool water out and style my hair for waves in just a few minutes.

For days that I want a more refined curl pattern, I’m really excited to try out the Oribe Hair Alchemy Heatless Style Balm. It’s formulated to help your hair style without heat (unlike about 95% of the hair products that I currently own), so I’m hoping it will help heatless curls in my hair! Oribe also says it works with air drying, so I might try to use this in combination with the Curle Mousse.

fenty concealer and beautyblender

3. Undereye Challenges: I’ve been really excited to try out the Bright Fix Eye Brightener concealer from Fenty! It does seem to have a little bit of a pink tint (some shades more than others), which works a little as a color corrector. However, I don’t think this is really a true color corrector/concealer hybrid. Instead, it’s a medium-full coverage concealer that blends really well under my eyes and doesn’t have any caking issues. I also picked up a new BeautyBlender when I bought the concealer, because my old was embarrassing. Take this as your hint to replace your BeautyBlender!

glossy but not sticky lipglosses

4. Glowy Lips: I’ve mentioned both of these lip finds, but they are so good they need to be mentioned again! I’m all about shiny, hydrated lips that have a bit of color but aren’t fully saturated. My 2 recent favorites are from Summer Fridays and La Mer. They both are hydrating, not sticky, and have some color pay off, though I think the Summer Fridays is a bit more saturated in color.

Left: La Mer in Sheer Berry, Summer Fridays in Blush Dreams


What new beauty products are you trying recently?

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