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Get the Look: Edgy Braids from the Marissa Webb Spring/Summer 2015 Runway

how to get the look of big, pompadour braids

Braids have been popular for years, but they can be so much edgier and avant-garde than just a french braid. These voluminous, almost mohawk or pompadour edgy braids were created by TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu for the Marissa Webb Spring/Summer 2015 Runway.

Warning, these braids are not for beginners, and I don’t have braids of the process itself. But if you’re experienced with braids, you can recreate these edgy braids on your own at home!

How to Prep your hair

You’ll need to prepare your hair by building a good volume foundation with mousse and a salt spray if your hair is very silky. Apply the mousse to your roots through the ends of wet hair, then dry with a round brush to add volume.

Products You Need:

Volume Mousse:
Salt Spray:
Flexible Hold Hair Spray:

If you need added volume, they used extensions by Beauty Works Online
 as necessary.

Braided Pompadour Directions

1. Apply Mousse on damp hair and rough-dry ends for volume and texture, add salt spray if needed for grip. Finish blow-dry using a round brush to create fullness through the top of the head and the hairline.

2. Using the end of your comb, section off the center portion of the hair three-fourths of the way down and clip up.

3. Create a Dutch braid (in side out or reverse French braid) on both sides of the head using the loose hair, beginning at the temple and working your way to the nape of the neck. Braid the remaining lengths, leaving ends out, and fasten with a clear elastic.

4. Mist top section of hair with Hair Spray and lightly brush along the part.

5. Begin French braid, leaving additional volume at the front and base. Gather hair along the part, working 90 degrees from the head, and finish braiding lengths of the hair leaving ends out. Fasten with clear elastic.

6. Gather all three braids and twist into a low bun, leaving ends loose.

7. Brush the completed French braid upward creating a wind blown effect and spray with Hair Spray.

Edgy and voluminous braid tutorial DIY

Five-Strand Braid:

1. Prep damp hair with Mousse and rough-dry the lengths with fingers for texture and lift. Add salt spray if needed for extra grip. Finish blow-dry with a round brush at the hairline for a soft, airy perimeter of wisps.

2. Once hair is dry, create a deep side part on the right side of the head, then back-brush hair for extra volume and spray lightly with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Hair Spray.

3. Divide hair into five equal strands at the nape of the neck and begin weaving the farthest right section over and under each part, working your way to the left.

4. Take the furthest left section of hair and weave over and under each part, working your way to the right.

5. Repeat steps four and five until braid is complete, leaving ends loose and fasten with a clear elastic.

6. Loosen braid by gently pulling apart and leave airy wisps to frame the face. Mist finished look with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Hair Spray.

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