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My Go-To Gentle Winter Skincare Trio

This post is a collaboration with Kiehl’s, but the product picks and opinions are all my own.

I test a lot of skincare products. I have drawers and shelves filled with skincare items. But every winter when the cold weather hits, I seem to find myself gravitating toward the same items. My skin is sensitive and prone to dryness, especially when I’ve spent time outside in the winter weather!

Consistently, my skin has responded well to swapping out to gentle, hydrating products. I try to make the change in late fall/early winter, before the winter really hits. I also make sure I’m not using any harsh treatment products.


Here’s what I’ve been gravitating toward:

Ultra Facial Cleanser: I love that this cleanser cleanses my skin well, but it doesn’t overstrip my skin. I can only tolerate very gentle cleansers during the winter, I get a lot of irritation and after wash tightness very easily. Ultra Facial is also my go-to travel cleanser. My skin has never been a fan of travel. I get irritation and dryness easily when I’m in a new location. But using this cleanser really helps stabilize my skin and it’s much calmer after use.

Ultra Facial Cream: This cream is a staple in my house. I just counted 4 jars in current use (each member of my family has their own), and that doesn’t count the 2 I have in my “backup” area or the small travel sizes! I love that this isn’t a heavy cream. It’s lighter, in between a lotion and a typical cream. It sinks into skin quickly and always provides just the right amount of hydration, it isn’t too heavy. In winter I use it both morning and night.

Lip Balm #1: I tend to carry the unscented version with me all winter. It’s a great hydrating lip balm for the winter, but I also use it as a general soothing product. I put it on my cuticles, dry hands, even my cheeks if I’ve been outside for a long time.


skincare problem solvers from Kiehl's

These are the products I reach for in addition to my gentle Kiehl’s routine.

Micro-Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum: This lightweight serum has ceramides, a peptide and a low dose retinoid. There iss enough micro-dose retinol. I’ve seen it make a difference in my skin tone and texture, but it’s very gentle and even my sensitive skin tolerates it without any issues.

Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+: Similar to the Ultra Facial Cream, this is a family favorite! We all love this lightweight and non-stick sunscreen. It’s our go-to product for both face and body. It comes with us when we travel and we use it daily in the summer by the pool.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil: Sometimes, you can’t help but spend a lot of extra time outside in the winter, and that’s when I reach for my Midnight Recovery Oil. Whether I’ve been building snowmen with my girls or waiting outside of the elementary school for pick up at the end of the day, my skin isn’t a fan of a brisk, cold winter wind. Those are the days that I need extra pampering. I love that I can just add a few drops of this oil to my routine (it goes under the Ultra Facial Cream), and the next morning my skin is happy and glowy again.


What are your go-to skincare products in the winter?


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Sponsored Post: This post is a collaboration with Kiehl’s, but the product picks and opinions are all my own.

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  1. 2.7.22

    After your review, I’m thinking of trying out the Super Fluid sunblock. I’ve been using the La Roche Posay 40 spf for face and really like that one. But I see this one has 50 spf that I’d really prefer. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • 2.7.22
      Christine said:

      My whole family really loves it! I’m buying more today (on my to-do list) for spring break!