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The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Stacy Broff of Diamond Girl Media

Stacy Broff of Diamond Girl Media

I keep things pretty simple and tend to stick to the products that work best for my skin. I have allergies and my skin is sensitive so I use 1. Neutrogena face wash in the shower and 2. Larenim’s new facial cleaner (Argan Purifying Cleanser). It’s so light and refreshing.

In conjunction with these facial products I am completely obsessed with 3. Larenim’s Bamboo Skin Polish. In just one minute I can treat my skin to a spa like facial. Not only does it leave my skin glowing but it diminishes blemishes in a day or two. You can use this scrub daily too. Most scrubs can only be used once or twice a week.

I always carry 4. Tea Tree astringent pads with me. They’re great for in between showering, or after the gym.

When it comes to make up I can’t live without mascara and a lip gloss. My favorites include 5. Mineralash by Larenim because you can add layer after layer with no clumping. I really like a few drug store brands ….when they say longer, thicker, “Illegal Length” I’m a sucker. A good mascara will make your eyes pop and there’s not a dire need for much more.

Before applying a good lip gloss I dab on a little 6. Aquaphor for extra moisturizing. Anything for extra hydration wether it’s my face or body, it can’t hurt. I carry several colors in shades of neutrals, plums and a pouty pink color. I prefer a simple look for the most part or if I want to step it up I go for a smokey sexy look.

Sometimes I experiment with an array of beautiful 7. Larenim Eye Shadows, many that double as liners but my day to day routine is making sure my skin feels fresh and clean. I think it’s important to let your skin breath and not pile on layers of unneeded protect products if you don’t have to.

Luxury products do not mean luxury prices. You just have to be a smart shopper and take the time do a little research. If you feed your body with healthy stuff you should do the same with your skin.

I’ve known Kirsten Corcoran for over eight years now. She has introduced me to great products but also educated me in the arena of what makes products 100% pure …so many brands list a few natural ingredients and slap the word mineral or organic yet it’s still loaded with toxins. Your skin deserves the best so give it just that.

Stacy Broff is the president of Diamond Girl Media, an LA based full service boutique firm that specializes in public relations, marketing, branding and special events. Stacy grew up in the jewelry business and her clients include many fashion and beauty firms. Stacy also works quite a bit in Hollywood, placing her products in the hands of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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Iā€™m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 4.24.12
    Tina B said:

    Well, you've definitely sparked my interest with the Larenim products! I'll have to investigate those.

  2. 4.25.12
    Kahani said:

    Hey Tina, I'd really take her recommendations with a pinch of salt. Larenim is one of her agency's clients. She's paid to recommend and promote them. -_- Way to give full disclosure Stacy I'm afraid I don't fully trust your recommendations anymore.

  3. 4.26.12
    Christine said:

    It is her client, though I still find those recommendations interesting. She has access to all of their products, and those of her other clients. These are the ones she likes and she really knows them.

  4. 4.26.12
    Kahani said:

    Hi Christine, I regret my tone in the earlier post, I write about the ad industry for a living and I think it's a bit of a hot button topic for me. I would have appreciated it if Stacy had said "Larenim is a client and I'm paid to promote them, but I really do like their products" by way of disclosure rather than me having to go to her site and look at her list of clients. It's just good practice when giving a list of recommendations like this. Plus 4 Larenim products out of 7 is pushing it a little.

  5. 4.26.12
    Christine said:

    True, disclosures are good. Though I guess I thought it was a bit assumed since she's in PR and she talks about knowing the creator of the brand. I was a little surprised by your tone, but mostly because I know you're not usually like that. šŸ˜€

  6. 5.14.12

    All of the products I mentioned are not Larenim however I have been using the brand for 8 years so I feel I'm an excellent source to discuss them. I do get paid to speak about them when personally interviewed. I talk about products that I love and do what they say. You're missing out if you don't give Larenim a try!