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Quick Foundation Tip from Jake Bailey

Jake Bailey Foundation Tip

I’ve been updating old foundation posts here on the blog today, and I came across this post from exactly 10 years ago. It features a fast foundation application tip from celebrity makeup artist, Jake Bailey. I had the chance to meet him once, and our 20 minute meeting turned out to be a couple of hours and he was amazing to me! Very gracious and funny, he was just as wonderful to this little makeup blogger as he was to his big name clients. This tip is still a great one, and I couldn’t resist republishing this tip again today.

During our visit, Makeup Artist Jake Bailey was more than happy to share a few of his favorite “quick tips” with me! Jake said that on more than one occasion he’s been booked for a celeb’s appearance on a favorite late night show, only to have them show up about 10 minutes before they need to be on. Which means those 10 minutes are for hair, makeup, clothes and running to the bathroom!

Jake told me that the secret to looking perfect and fresh is flawless skin! This is something I’ve struggled with for years, and he had a fast and easy tip to acheive the look. Jake says you need a lot less coverage for this than you think, and while he once wasted hours trying to acheive the air brushed look for clients, this works just as well! Jake has the celeb do this trick while he pulls out other items he’ll need from his kit.

Basically, you need to create your own tinted moisturizer. Sure, there are some good ones on the market (such as Laura Mercier’s, a classic). But they come in a very limited range of shades, aren’t moisturizing enough and the coverage can’t be adjusted.

Jake took a quarter sized amount of lotion (he used Complex 15 Face Cream, but you could use your favorite face lotion), and then an equal amount of foundation. The proportions can be easily adjusted depending on how much coverage you need that day. He quickly mixed them together in his hands (meaning, he smashed his hands together like he was washing them), and then vigorously rubbed the results over his face. Really vigorously! He looked like me when I’m washing my face in the shower, quickly running his hands all over his face and down a bit onto his neck. Make sure you get your entire face and up into your hairline as well (a headband is a good idea). A bit of blending with a makeup sponge and you’re done! You’ll be surprised how little concealer you need afterwards!

Jake used Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation to show me this look, however that foundation does have a bit of shimmer in it. It was a great look for going out, but you might prefer a shimmer free look using Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation instead.

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  1. 1.29.08
    Modelizer said:

    Such a great tip. Will be trying it tomorrow morning for sure. I’ve been needing a little extra coverage on my lower cheeks lately.

  2. 1.30.08
    Kell said:

    this may be obvious and sorry in advance if it is…can this only be done with liquid foundations? not powders?

  3. 1.30.08

    Thanks for this post Christine. It’s always great when we can use what we have and still achieve nice coverage.

  4. 1.30.08
    Christine said:

    Kell- It works only with liquid foundations.

  5. 1.30.08

    Do you think this can also work on combination skins if used with oil-free products?

  6. 1.31.08
    Kell said:

    darn…i kinda knew that but was hoping that the makeup gods would smile upon me and say otherwise!

  7. 1.31.08
    Rek said:

    I have been using this tip with my Mac for a couple of years – it even works with a bit of concealer instead of foundation – if you just want to even out some areas and look like you don’t have any makeup on – just flawless skin

  8. 2.7.08
    christy said:

    you can actually mix a little bit of mineral powder instead if you wanted to make your own tinted moisturizer. or add some powdered bronzer to give it a sun kissed glow look.