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Dove Shower Foam Review

Dove Shower Foam Review

Have you run into the displays of this Dove Body Wash yet? They’re at a lot of my local big box and drugstores suddenly. It’s a bottle of body wash, but it foams when you pump it out. As much as I’ve been told and read that the lather doesn’t matter when you’re trying to get clean, I really love a great lather.

The bottle looks small, but it actually contains over 250 pumps of product. I use about 3-4 pumps for an entire shower, so a bottle will last for a long time. It comes out very foamy, with a nice light scent. I use 1 pump per leg, and 1-2 pumps for my body and arms. It definitely gets me clean, but it doesn’t feel like it strips my skin of moisture. Instead, I’m just clean and my skin is soft.

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