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DKNY I Heart London Perfume Review: Clean and A Bit Floral to Evoke the English Countryside

DKNY I Heart London Perfume


DKNY recently came out with 4 new DKNY fragrances, each is a nod to a different city. I’ll be reviewing all of them today, but first we’ll look at London!

London is a floral/fruity fragrance. When I think of London I envision punk and alternative, the East End, and just… edge. (Why is this predominate for me, a huge Jane Austen fan? I have no idea.) This fragrance takes a look at another side of London, much more up Miss Austen’s area of expertise. Think of the English Countryside with the rolling hills giving way to dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea. That is what this fragrance is all about.

Top Notes: Hyacinth, Green Apple
Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, Rose, Currant Leaf and Bud
Base Notes: Amber, Vetiver

In truth, this is a very light and flirty fragrance, with a hint of fresh and green. My friend Melissa described it as a bit clean and even soapy, though she felt it was a very subtle undertone. On me, it was more fresh and green. It opens with a bit of the Green Apple with crispness, but there is a definite softness and floral note that tempers it. With time the Honeysuckle and Currant Leaf came out a bit more. It isn’t really fruity after the first 30 minutes or so, rather it is more fresh and a bit floral.

I’d wear this fragrance for a day off of work, it would be perfect for a slightly warm and sunny day. I’d love to spend the day outside in this fragrance (I guess that English Countryside feeling really gets to me?)

You can buy DKNY I Heart London Perfume at Overstock.

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