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Curl Secret Review: Easy Answer to Curls?

Curl Secret Review

Have you tried out one of the automatic hair curlers? I borrowed one from a PR agency about a year ago, shortly after they were released in the US. My results were ok, though I think most of the issue was my long bob. Now that my hair has grown out to a few inches below my shoulder, I have been itching to try out another automatic curler! My hope is that the curler will quickly and easily create perfect curls and waves for an easy look with day 2 (or day 3) hair.

Update: Note that this review is for the BeLissPRO Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine, but since the review has gone live, in the US the same machine is now sold under the Conair brand as Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. It’s the same machine, just a different name.

Curl Secret Review

Curl Secret is relatively easy to use. First, you turn it on with the heat switch. You can pick one of two temperatures, 390F or 430F. The light will start blinking, and once the curler is completely heated up it and ready to use the light will stop blinking.

You’ll also need to select the total time of curling, 8, 10 or 12 seconds. The longer you curl, the tighter and more spiral your curls will be.

The best way to pick your optimal settings is to just experiment. Definitely start with the lower heat setting and add a little extra time to your curl before you go up in temperature. If you can avoid the heat exposure to your hair, you should!

To use the Curl Genius, you take a 1″ section of hair, lay it across the barrel, and clamp down. Your hair will get sucked down into the barrel and you can hear the machine wrapping it around the barrel. There will be a beep every 2 seconds while hair curls, and then a rapid 4 beep sequence to let you know it is done! Unclamp your hair first and then pull away the machine. Your hair will come out easily, already curled!

The main issue I had with this machine was entirely my own fault, I tend to use too much hair at one time, which can get tangled in the machine. When this happens the machine will automatically stop and make a few frustrated sounding beeps. Simply unclamp and pull the machine away from your head. When I last used a curling machine, my hair would tangle up very easily in the machine and it was sometimes really hard to get out, I know I ripped out some hair! The Curl Genius releases any tangled hair much more easily, I never had to struggle with removing my hair.

Curl Genius Review

I’ve been using the Curl Genius this week to create an easy wavy style. You can see how long my hair is now in my before picture. The curls created with the Curl Genius are really very pretty, I purposefully leave them a bit looser. I did finger comb them a bit just to show what that looks like, but I admit that I prefer the curls left alone. I’ve found that when I use a little mousse in my hair, it gives me just enough hold that the curls will last for 2 days! My whole head takes under 10 minutes, something that I love.

You can buy Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret at Target or Amazon
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