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Concealer Series: FACE Stockholm Correctors

FACE Stockholm Correctors, review
It’s time to switch things up just a tad and focus on a few of those color correctors that I’ve been so excited about. I discussed how to use color correctors previously, the FACE Stockholm correctors were pictured but not discussed in that post (see? There they are above).

Quick refresher: just remember to correct a color you want to look directly opposite on the color wheel. So, if your undereye circles are bluish, which is the case for most white women, you’ll want a peachy tone to the corrector. If you need red for a blemish, look for a green tone. A darker skin tone or more vivid color you are trying to correct should prompt you to look for a more intensely colored corrector.

Corrective Concealer is one of FACE Stockholm’s most popular products. These correctors are not very intense in their coloring, so they’re great for light to moderate discoloration. I find myself reaching for both of these correctors pretty much every day. I use the very lightly green tinted corrector (the red corrector) around my nose and a little under my eyes. I then use the blue corrector (which is tinted peach) under my eyes as well. (I’m lucky, I get to have both colors be an issue under there.)

The correctors blend very easily and while they don’t provide the same type of coverage as a concealer, the discolorations do seem to disappear quite a bit just with the color correction. I can’t comment on wear time (this stuff still gets covered by concealer, I mostly notice when that goes away), but I can tell show you how intense the color is, tell you it seems to have decent coverage and blends well. Love it!

FACE Stockholm Corrective Concealer

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