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Easier Spiral Curls? Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters Review

Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters Review

Recently I’ve become obsessed with the idea of creating easy, long lasting spiral curls. I want to create curls that are simple, foolproof and last for days if I want them to. I can get this look with a curling iron or wand, but that takes time and effort! I would love to have heat free curls that I just release in the morning and they’re perfect, or hot curlers that I can spend 5 minutes putting in my hair, leaving them in place while I do my makeup.

Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters Review

I’ve known about these Conair curlers since they were first released a few years ago. I though that their unique shape would likely help them create more of a spiral shaped curl than other hot rollers. You can see that the curlers have a central rubberized core, you wrap your hair around it and then compress the top again, keeping your hair in the curler.

I noticed that even when they’ve been fully heated, these curlers don’t get very hot. I would estimate that they’re only about half the heat of other Conair hot rollers that I have, which I admit concerned me a bit. I need quite a bit of heat to make my stubborn hair want to curl.

Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters Review and dents in hair

Here’s a peek at me with some of the curlers still in my hair, you can see how I’ve wrapped my hair around them. Once the curlers come out you can see that there’s a big dent in my hair from the curler. It is not subtle. These are quick iPhone pictures from a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I’d be reviewing these curlers or not, but I did snap a few pictures to show the dent.

Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters Results

Once my hair has all been curled and I just fingercombed it, you can see that it does create nice curls. They’re not the spiral/beachy curls that I thought I would create with these curlers, but they’re very pretty. The dent in my hair was much less obvious than I thought that it would be when all of my hair was done.

I have to admit that while I thought the curls were really pretty, since they weren’t exactly what I had been hoping for the curlers have been sitting on my vanity unused. I’ll be holding on to them though, I’m sure I’ll use them sometime!

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