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Combating Winter: Beautiful Brows

Today’s tip comes from Anna Castillo, a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of ink…cosmetics

I am hooked on Threading! It is fantastic! It tingles a little but the results are amazing! I will never go back to waxing as long as I have hair on my brows!

Looking for ideas/tips for sexy brows? Read this.

Shapely and neatly kept eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes. Eyebrow experts state that beautiful eyebrows are actually the result of two primary eyebrow needs ­ shaping and filling-in the eyebrow gaps. In addition, various hair removal techniques can actually transform the look and impression of a person in a positive or negative way.

How to Groom Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows?
For naturally beautiful eyebrows which imply shapely and well-filled eyebrows, you would need to brush off all the powder and foundation. In addition, comb the hair upwards and outwards to get a wide-eyed look. Finally, keep the eyebrows in shape and place by applying some gel on them.

How to Groom Thick and Unruly Eyebrows?
If your eyebrows are thick, bushy and growing out of proportion with your eyes, you need a definite trimming. Various options available for grooming overgrown eyebrows are listed here below:

• Threading
• Plucking
• Waxing

Ensure that you begin by trimming and applying astringent on the eyebrows. Also keep in mind that short hair can be pulled out completely and will cause less pain. Long strands should be simply trimmed with small scissors.

How to Groom Scanty Eyebrows?
Spares or scanty eyebrows can be filled-in with the help of the following techniques:

• With the help of an eye shadow brush, carve a line along the length of the
• Use an eyebrow pencil to define the shape and to fill the gaps in between
the eyebrow.
• Soften your eyebrow by applying some powder over it. Then apply a thin line
of eye shadow over it to fill the gaps.

Colors for Beautiful Eyebrows
Some eyebrows are very dark and others light. Giving them the right shade and color can further enhance the beauty of your face. Discover beautiful eyebrows by applying the following technique to accurately add or shade your eyebrows:

• Dab some eyebrow powder over your eyebrows
• Keep using a sharpened eye pencil alternately to define the shape and arch of the eyebrows
• Finally, for a natural and softer look dab the lines carved by you with a clean piece of cotton

Quick Tips to Fetch Beautiful Eyebrows
Some tips for flaunting the beautiful pair of eyebrows are listed here below:

• Ensure that the curve and length of your eyebrows are in alignment with your eyes
• Do not over-pluck, thread or wax your eyebrows
• Always pluck in the right direction starting from the bottom
• Use astringent on the beginning and end of any hair removing procedure to disinfect the area
• You can apply eyebrow powder over your eyebrows before the threading technique for lesser pain, redness or swelling

Do not over-do your eyebrows either through makeup or removal techniques.
Look chic and beautiful by keeping your eyebrows simple, clean and neat.

Anna Castillo is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of ink…cosmetics. She has the most interesting job history of any successful makeup artist. She started her career as Special Forces (Military Police) in the Air Force, and worked her way up to Special Agent with U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI, Federal Agent). Makeup was something of a hobby for her, but while still in the military she was able to pursue it and actually started ink…cosmetics with a loan from her mom. I love that she’s worked so hard and if you look at her portfolio on the ink website you’ll see that she does amazing work.


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  1. 2.28.12
    Marla said:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I sometimes have trouble with getting my brows the perfect shape! :/

  2. 2.29.12
    helen said:

    Hi Christine, I just discovered your blog! I can't believe it took me so long. Your no-fuss, objective tone is spot-on to how I approach beauty too. I'm so bookmarking you and following you on FB and Twitter. You're amazing!