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CND Cuticle Eraser Review

CND Cuticle Eraser Review

I’m not sure that too many people outside of professional nail techs and my fellow obsessive nail junkies over at MUA’s Nail Board know about CND Cuticle Eraser. I love this stuff. I carry it with me everywhere in my purse, I have it in the kitchen drawer, I even have it in my night stand drawer and I apply it every night before I go to sleep!

Cuticle Eraser is fantastic. It is a blend of alpha hydroxy acids meant to very gently exfoliate your cuticles and the surrounding skin. Simply apply a small amount to your cuticle and rub it in, no need to wash off. I also apply enough that I can rub it into the sides of my nail bed and the tips of my fingers. I try to apply at least once a day, and in an ideal world I would do this 2-3 times a day. Since using this cream my cuticles have been in much better shape- they are much less ragged, I once was plagued by painful, almost daily hangnails (they are no more), and even the tips of my fingers no longer peel!

I’ve found that Cuticle Eraser also offers a bit of moisture for my skin, though only enough to maintain current hydration, if that makes sense. When my cuticles are really needing extra moisture I reach for something like LUSH Lemony Flutter, one of my favorite cuticle creams.

While Cuticle Eraser is not a total replacement for a good cuticle remover (here’s my favorite cuticle remover), I do have to say that daily usage of this cream has dramatically improved my hands. I only have to use cuticle remover about once every 2-3 weeks when I’ve been consistently using CND Cuticle Eraser.

You can buy CND Cuticle Eraser at Amazon

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  1. 11.26.08
    Emelie said:

    Today I use Cuticle Eraser for the first time, and im in love;)
    Like your blog!

  2. 5.16.20
    Christie Rackham said:

    This product did not work for me. I applied it twice a day for almost two months. It does not erase cuticles but acts like a moisturizer instead. I was not impressed and will keep looking to try other products.