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Quick and Easy Daytime Look with Clinique

Quick and Easy Daytime Look with Clinique

The last few weeks have been completely crazy around my house! While I’ve had a bit more time at home with my 2 little girls, somehow the extra time at home has translated into even more errands to run and family outings than when I’m working almost every day.

Part of the craziness is less time than usual to pull myself together in the morning, and that look needs to last for an entire day! So, I need a look that can deal with my sometimes not so great Rosacea face (especially since my toddler has been teething 4 molars at once, not much sleep around here), goes on quickly and looks natural.

This look has been in my rotation quite a bit over the last few weeks, read on to see how I got the look!

Quick and Easy Daytime Look with Clinique

When doing my makeup, I was looking for a look that was neutral enough to work for pretty much any situation, but still looked pulled together.

To get the look I used:
Pep-Start Eye Cream
Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer
All About Shadow – Quad in Jenna’s Essentials
Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Jumbo Jet
Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Plushest Punch
Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse in Deep Brown

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer Review and swatches

The foundation isn’t quite like any that I have tried. It is an all in one full coverage product, it can be used for both foundation and concealer!

Inside the bottle, the cap has a large doe foot sponge applicator. I love it! It is very easy to apply just the correct amount of product to the place you want it.

Depending on the day, I might apply just a bit under my eyes and around my nose as a concealer, or it might be all over as a foundation. I then spread it around a little with a foundation brush and blend with a sponge. I can layer on extra for any spots that need a lot of help!

Even though this is a full coverage product, I feel like it blends in very naturally and doesn’t feel heavy on my face at all. It lasts all day and doesn’t need any touch ups.

One thing to note about this foundation is that after you apply it, as it dries (which takes a bit, you have a long time to blend it) the color actually gets lighter. If you want to try this foundation, I recommend heading to your local Clinque counter or Sephora. Apply a bit and go to check out the shade about 10-15 minutes later in sunlight to make sure you have the best color match. It comes in 20 shades.

Clinique Jenna's Essentials Shadow Quad review and swatch

The eye shadow quad is something that I picked up from Sephora (the shade is Jenna’s Essentials) during their recent VIB sale, and it has quickly become a favorite of mine!

The shadows in this quad are very neutral and basic, but they can create as natural or dramatic of a look as you want. I’ve been using it mostly for a pretty look for work.

I start with eye primer already on my lid. I then use the lightest color on my brow bone, basically from the natural crease all the way up to my brows. I love that his color is just light enough to be a highlight on my brow bone with a bit of shimmer. I’ve also learned that it needs to be applied first, if it goes over a darker color, it very easily looks muddy and a bit strange. So, I apply it first!

Next I use the taupe color to my lid. I use a medium fluff brush and apply it from my lashes to a little over my natural crease, it does overlap the highlighting color a little bit.

Next I use a shorter, rounded crease brush to add a bit of definition to my eye. I typically will mix the taupe with a tiny bit of the brown to make it darker, as apply it just above my natural crease, a bit to the outer V of my lid and along both my upper and lower lash lines. I also use a blending brush to take away any harsh lines, especially along the crease.

I then line my lash line with a liner. I usually just grab a dark brown or black liner (I have on dark brown here), and roughly draw the line through my lash line. I then smudge the liner a but with a smudge brush dipped into the dark brown.

I complete my eye by curling my lashes and applying 2 coats of mascara, and then defining my brows with the brow mousse. It fills in any bare spots and helps to tame any unruly hairs with just a few quick sweeps!

I completed the look with a light pink blush and the pink Chubby Stick Intense. I love that it is a well pigmented lip balm, it lasts most of the day!

What has your go-to makeup look been this month? Have you tried a full foundation recently?

Quick and Easy Daytime Look with Clinique

You can find Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer at Sephora, Clinique and Nordstrom!

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Product Sent for Review, I Bought It, Sponsored Post
This post is part of a collaboration with Clinique, but all opinions are my own! The eye cream and foundation were provided by Clinique, but I purchased all of the other products on my own. Because, yes, love them!

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