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Must Have Makeup Brushes Under $15

great cheap makeup brushes

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite makeup brushes! I have a bit of a “thing” for makeup brushes, I have a huge collection at home and I can’t seem to stop trying out new ones! Many of my favorites are from brands like It Cosmetics (their face brushes in particular are amazing, you can find a few at Sephora but they have a full line of brushes that are exclusive for ULTA), NARS (especially their #45 Smudge Brush, here at Sephora or at NARS), Laura Mercier (the travel crease brush and pony tail) and Bobbi Brown (her Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush).

Despite those expensive brushes, I have to admit that many of the brushes that I use regularly are under $15, and many actually only cost a few dollars. Brands like ELF and Coastal Scents have amazing brushes, and since they’re so cheap, you can definitely afford to stock up! The $1 ELF Eye Shadow Brush is one that I have about 10 of (since I can then be a bit lazier about cleaning them), and I reach for it regularly instead of more expensive brushes from MAC.

I thought rather than just showing my favorite, I’d showcase my favorite must have makeup brushes to create a full kit of brushes. All of the brushes are under $15, most are under $6.


1. ELF Eyeshadow Brush (at ELF): This is a great, basic fluff brush.
2. ELF Smudge Brush (at ELF): I have a lot of different smudge brushes, and I change the brush I use depending upon the look I’m after. This is a softer, more flexible smudge and creates a softer look.
3. Coastal Scents Classic Blender Crease Brush (at Coastal Scents): This is perfect for applying a crease color, or blending a little shadow under your lower lash line.


4. ELF Ultimate Blending Brush (at ELF): I like to use this to buff/blend foundation or BB Cream.
5. EcoTools Micro Blending Brush (at ULTA or Amazon): This is my recent obsession for blending concealer, it is basically a very small kabuki brush. Check out my full review.
6. EcoTools Precision Blush Brush (from ULTA or Amazon): This is a fluffy blush brush, just the right size for a nice pop of color that isn’t too intense.
7. ELF Bronzing Brush (at ELF or Amazon): This is a soft and very flexible brush, I like it for adding just a touch of highlighter to my cheekbones.
8. ELF Pointed Powder Brush (at ELF): I like to have a smaller brush for my powder, I mostly apply a light layer under my eyes and just down my t-zone.
9. EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo (at ULTA or Amazon): I admit that I mostly use my BeautyBlender sponge, but I recently discovered these EcoTools sponges (check out the post here) and I love the shape of these! The flat sides and the point are great for blending around my eyes and nose.

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