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Bond No. 9 Gramercy Park Fragrance Review and Notes

Bond No. 9's Gramercy Park Review and Notes

I’ve been just a bit “fragranced out” lately as I’ve been inundated with samples to review for Mother’s Day. I needed a serious break. Thank goodness for Gramercy Park perfume! I needed a “palette cleanser” between florals, something light and fresh. I was craving a green fragrance to try out.

Gramercy Park perfume is just that, a light green scent that Bond created to envoke the Gramercy Park neighborhood. To me this sounds like the hidden gardens in the movie Notting Hill, a private gated haven of green grass and trees that is only accessible to those that live in the buildings around the park. A private oasis of greenery in the middle of the city.

In the bottle I smell primarily the green notes such as the Fresh Greens and Crisp Leafy Tones. But, after about an hour or so these brighter notes fade a bit to reveal a bit more of the deeper notes with a bit of English Ivy with some very light floral notes from the Cyclamen and I swear I smell a bit of Lily with a small touch of Lime in there as well. It really does smell like you’re in a spring garden which is just what I was craving!

Top notes: Fresh Greens, Crisp Leafy Tones
Middle notes: White Muguet, Cyclamen, English Ivy, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Sheer Woods, Crystal Musk

Buy this fragrance at Bond No9 or Amazon.

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