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Bond No. 9 Wall Street Review and Notes

Bond No. 9 Wall Street Review and Notes

Things have become completely and utterly crazy for me at work this past week, and I was feeling the need for a bold fragrance that would make me feel as though I could take charge and sort a few things out. (As well, I needed to be able to wear it for those long call day/night/day shifts I do and still have a little something lingering).

I was searching through my Bond Fragrances for one that fit those requirements and could still be reviewed for Bond Monday. (I have a little green box that I keep all of my Bond sample vials in, I was having a great time opening them all and picking one out!) I tend to not look at the names on the vials, let alone the list of notes, when I pick out a fragrance. About 4 vials in to carefully opening the vials I came across Wall Street and new I had found my winner!

In the vial there is a hint of citrus, something fresh (like cucumber) and a touch of musk to keep you from smelling like Bath & Body Works exploded on you.

Top Notes: Citrus, Cucumber, Sea Kale
Middle Notes: Ozone, Lentisque (balsamic, hinting of leather, from the pistachio tree), Lavender, Bigarrade (from the bitter orange tree), Thyme
Base Notes: Musk, Vetiver, Ambergris

With time this scent only gets better! The cucumber fades a bit while the citrus, lavender and a bit of the musk come out. The really surprising note is the Thyme, which is what offers a great depth to the scent.

I really think that this is the longest lasting of the Bond scents I’ve tried. Literally, I still had collegues at work asking what my fragrance was at 3 am. I had applied at about 6 am the day before! This scent is a great combination of musk and citrus with a bit of thyme and cucumber to lighten things up.

I definitely felt stronger and more energized wearing this scent. I think this will be perfect for events like public speaking and job interviews, when I need to feel strong and confident! This is a fairly androgynous scent, so you may want to split a bottle with the man in your life!

You can buy this fragrance at Saks or Bond No 9

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