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Bond No. 9 Central Park Perfume Review and Notes

Bond No. 9 Central Park Perfume Review and Notes

This weekend I picked some lemons and oranges from our backyard, and I have been in a citrus mood ever since! (The joys of living in Southern California!)

If you are in a spring time or citrus mood, definitely pick up Central Park. This scent really feels like spring time to me, with a definite “green” scent and the lime note, I felt right at home making my homemade meyer lemonade tonight!

Top Notes: Basil Verbena, Mandarin Leaf, Bergamot, Lime Blossom
Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Muguet, Water Jasmine
Base Notes: Blue Cedar, Balsa Wood, Cashmere Musk, Patchouli

In the vial, I primarily smell the Lime Blossom and Basil Verbena and just and overall sense of “green.” However, once it is on me, the scent deepens with a bit more of the bergamot and cashmere coming out while the lime blossom blends into those scents. Overall, it is a very fresh scent with just enough of the lime blossom to make it different.

You can buy this fragrance at Bond No 9 or Amazon

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  1. 2.11.08

    I have sunshine envy. It is 25 degrees below zero this morning in my neck of the woods, so I could use a springtime scent. I might mosey over to the mall and give it a test-drive. Very good post. Thanks.

  2. 2.11.08
    Henna said:

    Congrats! I’ve given you a You Make My Day Award! You can read about it on my blog, and give the award to people who make your day!


  3. 2.12.08
    Eathan said:

    I love Bond for men… I’ll have to check out the new central park.