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What is the Best Smelling Body Wash?

Best Smelling Body Wash

I know I can’t be the only one that is very picky about my body wash. With so many amazing body washes on the market, I want one that has a great lather, washes me without stripping my skin of essential moisture, and smells great. Most body washes do just great with the first two criteria, but it’s the third that always seems to be an issue. I don’t have a big preference about what kind of scent, but whether it is citrus, a fresh scent or something warmer, I want my body wash to smell good. I don’t want my body wash to be overpowering, or more importantly, to smell artificial.

I partnered with Suave® and was just sent a really fun kit in the mail from Suave with 3 different blinded tests. Completely unlabeled, the tests contained body washes of similar scents from Bath & Body Works® versus Suave Essentials®. The idea is that I smell them and see which I prefer – Suave or a premium brand like Bath & Body Works®. I did this on video since I felt it would be fun to see how I really felt. I didn’t think my face was quite this expressive! Be sure to adjust your volume so you can hear me.

Suave Essentials is the Best Smelling Body Wash

So the winners were…. all Suave! I definitely preferred the Suave body wash scents over Bath & Body Works®. I admit that I’m often a Suave body wash girl, though I haven’t used any of these scents recently. I’m mostly a Mango Mandarin girl. And I think I need to work Ocean Breeze into my rotation as well! I love that I can buy about six of them for the same price as a Bath & Body Works® body wash!

What are your favorite body wash scents? Let me know in the comments!

You can find Suave Body Washes at Walmart. Learn more from Suave on the Suave Website, their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram.

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This post is brought to you by Suave, but the opinions are all my own. As you may have noticed during the video…

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  1. 9.5.17
    Sandy Mayfield said:

    I do love some of the Suave brand smells but my favorite body wash smell is Molton Browns Coco & Sandalwood from b-glowing!