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5 Fast Hair Masks That Work in Under 5 Minutes

the best hair masks for damaged hair

I’m a big fan of hair masks and intensive hair treatments. But, I usually don’t have time for the whole “slather this in your hair, then apply a shower cap and then a warm towel” thing. Those hair masks can take hours, sometimes even overnight! I do not have time for that. Instead, these fast hair masks only require a few minutes in the shower. I usually just swap my usual conditioner to use one of these hair masks instead! I apply the mask, shave my legs or pumice my feet, and then it is time to rinse the hair mask out of my hair!

Instead, I find myself using up bottle after bottle (or tub) of quick intensive hair treatments. All of these take under 5 minutes, but most of them take under 3 minutes. Which means you can just swap out your daily conditioner for a hair mask once or twice a week while in the shower! Apply, shave your legs, rinse your hair. The timing is perfect!

the best hair treatments for damaged hair

1. Joico K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment: This 2-3 minute mask helps hair to resist damage and breakage and protects your hair color. I love that it is so fast and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

2. Redken Extreme Mega Mask: If your hair is breaking, you need this mask! It prevents further damage, treats current damage and even seals current breakage and damage. When my hair is at its most damaged I use this mask 1-2x per week and it makes a big difference.

3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: There are quite a few variations on this deep conditioner now, but Strong and Moist are my favorites. It only takes 3 minutes, and everyone that I’ve introduced to this conditioner has fallen in love with it!

4. Kerastase Fusio-Dose Hair Lab: Fusio-Dose is by far the most expensive product listed here, but it is also the one that has made the biggest difference in the health of my hair. I’ve had this treatment in the salon and I have purchased the at Fusio-Dose home kit. It only takes a few minutes to spray on to my hair but the effects last for weeks. I do this treatment in between salon visits at home.

5. Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment: This mask not only treats and prevents damage, but it even repels dirt from the hair and restores moisture levels to the level of healthy hair.

What is your favorite easy and fast hair mask?

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I’m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 2.11.14
    Anonymous said:

    Are these in order of top faves? Number one being your most used?

  2. 2.11.14

    They're just whatever order made them look pretty! I don't really have a preference, it's whatever is around at the time!

  3. 2.11.14

    2 of my absolute faves made the list! I am a lover of DermOrganic and Joico! They really make my hair soft and happy.

  4. 2.12.14
    Chloé F said:

    i've used some of these and i completely agree!
    xo teensbeautybible

  5. 2.13.14
    Jess said:

    I have tried Joico and I so love it. It keeps my hair soft and manageable all day. I will consider trying out the DermOrganic for it seems like a great product to try out.