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5 Must Have Products: My Favorite CoverGirl Products

15 Minute Beauty's Favorite Items from CoverGirlRecently, CoverGirl shared a picture of Pat McGrath’s Favorite CoverGirl Items, and I was loving it! The picture showed some of my favorites, and it really got me thinking about my favorite items from some of my favorite brands. So, I thought I’d start sharing! So, every 1-2 weeks I’ll start sharing some of my favorite items from different brands, high end to low end.

Obviously, I had to start with CoverGirl! I didn’t include the lippie pencil that Pat did (though, I do really love it), only because I decided to showcase items that while CoverGirl has sent them to me in the past, I’ve repurchased these items for myself over and over.

1. Clump Crusher Mascara: Yes, I really did put on 30 coats of that stuff, without a clump in sight! These days I’m much more likely to be layering it with another mascara (great tip for tons of volume and length, I layer every day), but the Clump Crusher is always there. Always.

2. Vivid Impact Liners: The Queen line can be hard to find depending on where you live (I have a much easier time finding it here in the Ann Arbor area than I ever did when I lived in the OC), but it is well worth the search! My favorite item is the Vivid Impact Liners, which come in some very pretty colors, are super easy to apply and last all day. They definitely rival much higher priced liners.

3. Perfect Point Plus Eye Liner: I don’t have my own review of these liners, though you’ve probably noticed they pop up in my looks quite often. They’re a little harder than the Vivid Impact liners and are automatic, which I love. My basic black and brown liners are both Perfect Point Plus and I use them pretty much every day.

4. TruBlend Foundation: When I recently went to a much darker hair color, suddenly the little bit of “give” I had in my foundation match was… gone. I high tailed it to ULTA and spent about an hour swatching different foundations on my skin. High ends, low ends… only TruBlend worked! It was what I was mostly using at home, but 1 shade lighter. I’m 410.

5. TruBlend Pressed Powder: I’m a pressed powder girl, and this one is the one that looks the least “powdery” on my skin once applied.


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  1. 3.13.13
    Lauren T. said:

    Have you ever heard of anyone having their eyelashes break off or fall out when using the clump crusher? Mine broke off after a few months of using it and i dont scrub my lashes or pull at them. I really like using it, so just curious if you have heard of this from other people? really like your blog-its a daily read for me!

  2. 3.13.13

    I am obsessed with the Covergirl face primer. It is fantastic and love it as much as I loved my Laura Mercier

  3. 3.14.13

    @Lauren- I haven't heard of anything like that with CoverGirl mascara. Everyone has lashes fall out, but I haven't heard of anything with any lashes breaking. Is the skin at the lash base ok? You aren't having an allergic reaction or anything? I can't really think of anything else that could be causing problems, it's really mostly a difference in wax size and how the bristles on the brush are spaced that are different with ClumpCrusher, not anything else. 🙁

    @Becky- I haven't tried their primer, I'll have to look for it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. 3.14.13
    Danielle said:

    I think TruBlend is the only covergirl foundation i haven't tried. I'll have to pick some up next time I'm at the drug store. thanks for the scoop , danielle

  5. 3.14.13
    Sue said:

    Hmmm…..among these products, I am interested in trying out the trublend foundation. I am curious on how it blends with the skin.

  6. 3.16.13

    I love that mascara, I didn't replace it once I used it up but its an awesome product!

  7. 4.3.13
    Sam said:

    I am an obsessed product user of cover girl! And I already had all of these! LOL i love their product. It pays the price!

  8. 8.8.13

    I think that the covergirl natural luxe black mascara is the best mascara I've ever used. it never ever clumps!