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Benefit That Gal Face Primer Review

Benefit That Gal Face Primer Review

Lately I’ve been doing lots of stuff to improve my complexion, and I decided that perhaps some new face products would highlight the great results I’ve had with my new Bioelements routine.

One of this season’s best new products is this face primer, from Benefit. That Gal promises to smooth and brighten any complexion. The product comes in a plastic container that makes it look like a glue stick. When you twist the bottom, the pink primer comes out of the top, it is a light pink color with a thick lotion-like consistency, when rubbed between your fingers it has a definite silky feel. There is no smell that I am aware of.

The product can be used alone or under other face products, and is applied with your fingers. Though Benefit says to apply this in an upward motion, I’m not sure that this tip is really necessary. Once rubbed in I couldn’t tell that there was any pink tint to my skin, but when used beneath my Some Kind-a Gorgeous I had a luminous glow that was perfect for faking being well rested. I think one of the best things about this product is that although it does give you a luminous glow, it does this without shimmer or shine. It simply makes you look luminous!

You can buy Benefit That Gal at Sephora, ULTA, and Nordstrom.
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  1. 8.6.07
    MrsLP said:

    do you like this or DuWop Revolotion Face better? I want to get something like this! thank you! love your blog!

  2. 8.7.07
    Christine said:

    That’s a great question, I’ll do a quick little update so everyone sees my answer without looking at the comments. šŸ˜€

  3. 7.3.09
    Hunter said:

    I just bought "that gal" at Macy's when the lady at the Benefit booth was doing my friend's make-up I sat on the stool to wait, the second lady saw me sitting and said something along the lines of "You have dry skin, and an oily forehead" Naturally I was intrigued considering that I felt like I had an exceptional complexion, she proceeded to put some stuff on my face (A moisturizer on my cheeks and the primer on the entire face), I ended up buying "that gal" for over 30 bucks, later I felt like I had been tricked into buying the product and felt like a fool, but I've been applying the product for the last four days and like the lady promised… My pores are getting smaller and my forehead isn't so oily šŸ™‚ highly recommend it for the price