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The BeautyBlender Sponge Review: Does that Pink Egg Make a Difference?

beauty blender sponge makeup, review

In a word: Yes. It really does.

For years I’ve been using my fingers, brushes and those wedge shaped sponges to help apply and blend foundation. I switched to round flat ones for a while, purely because Kevin Aucoin mentioned them in one of his books. I think I don’t have his amazing touch, because that little swap did not go well.

Anyways, when the Beauty Blender came out a few years ago, I definitely had my doubts. How could that sponge make that much of a difference? The last sponge swap didn’t go as planned. I certainly wasn’t going to give up my $3.50 for a bag of 50 sponges for something so expensive.

Oh, how wrong I was.

This sponge really is different, and yes, it does make my foundation look better than other methods of blending. I should have bought one years ago.

To use, rather than rubbing it across my skin like I’ve done with other sponges, I buff and bounce it on my skin. The shape lets me customize which part of the sponge I’m using in certain areas (such as the smaller pointy end near my nose and eyes), and the entire thing is easily washable. In fact, I get much better results if I use this sponge while it is very slightly damp. I get a small amount of water on it, squeeze to distribute, and then blend my makeup. Before I leave the sink area I simply rinse it out again with water or wash it with a mild face wash if it needs it (note to self: pick up the recommended cleanser during my next Sephora run).

So, yes, this was an upgrade for me. Definitely worth it.

BeautyBlender is available at Sephora, Amazon or Macy’s
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  1. 2.16.12
    G. said:

    I was thinking of buying it..thanks for the review, I'll go get it soon (with the cleanser lol).

  2. 2.17.12
    Christine said:

    Yeah, get the cleanser! I wonder if mine would last longer without me just using random facial cleanser on it.

  3. 2.17.12


  4. 2.17.12

    The BB and cleanser were two of my best buys for 2011. No matter what foundation I've tried with it, the results are like air brushed perfection. I'm glad it works for you too.

  5. 2.17.12

    I adore my pink egg. I highly recommend it too. I use a small can of Evian to dampen mine, I use such a small amount that the can lasts forever.
    The cleanser smells very strongly of lavender so I don't use it but it works very well.

  6. 2.17.12
    Jeanne said:

    I've been on the fence about this for awhile and I was hoping for a bad review to stop me from getting it! Will this work with pressed powder foundations as well? Like wetting it first and dipping/rubbing it into the powder?

  7. 2.17.12

    I totally agree with the you about the sponge. I use it wet and it eliminates the little dry patches that I sometimes get with other methods. I have the cleaner as well, but everyone swears that it gets it clean, but mine still has stains.

  8. 2.17.12
    Christine said:

    Ugh… it smells like lavender? Hmm….

  9. 2.17.12
    Anonymous said:

    I had no idea about this sponge but it was included in my Birchbox this month…so YAY for me! šŸ™‚ Karen/SO Fla

  10. 2.29.12
    Lena said:

    What, you only tried this NOW?

    I got this not long after it came out, after seeing a backstage picture of some fashion week, where the desks were literally covered with this stuff. That many makeup artists can't be wrong. And I love mine.

    JEANNE, yes, you can use this with a compact foundation, best slightly damp. you'll get the most natural and even result!

  11. 5.13.12
    Anonymous said:

    I started with the BB in early 2011 and have been 100% satisfied. It makes my foundation (MUFE F&B) look like my own skin. Beware–go with the BB not an imitation. I first used the Target version and it was awful! BB is worth every penny, it's a worthy investment.

  12. 5.31.13
    Anonymous said:

    Thanks for the post! I've been debating whether to buy it or not and I will after reading your review.