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Batiste Brunette: No White!

You know that new hair color that I have? The one that is so much darker than before? Yeah. It kinda sucks for dry shampoo.

With my lighter hair I’d only had problems with white residue if I really, dramatically over did it with the dry shampoo. But, with my dark hair… yeah, it doesn’t take so much. (I’ve had this happen with 1 dry shampoo that I’ve yet to recommend on here. I’m still debating about the overall impression of said dry shampoo. So, I will update on that bit later.) In the meantime, I broke out a can of Batiste Brunette, which I already had here in my beauty closet.

Soooo much better! I can go crazy and there’s no white. I could spray half a can of this stuff on my hair and still be fine. It does a good job of soaking up the oily/greasies, but really it’s best for adding volume I think. I love to use a little on my “flat” days, and you can’t tell that it’s there.

This is definitely the dry shampoo I’m reaching for now.

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  1. 2.14.13

    Glanced at this while waiting in line at Ulta and almost bought one to try it out. Looking for a good dry shampoo. Thanks for the review!
    xoxo Chris

  2. 2.15.13
    Anonymous said:

    I used a dry shampoo for brunettes by Bumble & Bumble a few years ago and was grossed out by the coloured dust it would shoot at my head (my bangs are the worst and I'd use my hand to cover my face). Was this stuff coloured too or just "not white"? (I've been using Dove's dry shampoo now for a while – cheap and it works well – and it can go white if I over do it but it doesn't make my hair feel sticky, like some others.) Thanks!! Angela