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At Home Laser Hair Removal Part Dos: Silk’n Flash&Go Review

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at home laser hair removal
A few years ago, I became fed up with shaving. I decided to try out at home laser hair removal. Luckily, my husband was on board with this, and let me go and spend a ton of money on a Silk’n SensEpil. (Read my original at home laser hair removal post) While I had good results with the SensEpil, I was pregnant a few months later, and since it is a no-no to use it while pregnant, I stopped. Pregnancy hormones lost all the ground I had made with my laser (meaning, while I had been down to shaving once a week, I was now super hairy again. Thanks hormones), and after having my baby I had no time to restart with the laser due to blog, job, and new tiny human.

Recently, I decided that I needed to start using my machine again, though I wouldn’t have time to do everything, like I want to. I’d start with my facial hair. However, that SensEpil is a bit big and cumbersome to drag out. Then the at home laser hair removal fairy came to visit me (meaning, Silk’n emailed me to see if I’d review a product), and I now have an amazing new at home laser! Luckily, this one is way easier to pull out and spend 2 or 3 minutes zapping away.

at home laser hair removalAnd yes, it definitely looks like a Star Trek phaser. Just don’t try making me wear the red shirt. Nope.

I’m just starting to use it this week, so it will be a while before I can tell you if this one works as well as the SensEpil did for me. (FYI, that SensEpil Review reviews the SensEpil and goes over how it works.) The Flash&Go works exactly the same way, except it is a little smaller.

I thought I’d go over the differences between the machines. Since they’re both available on the market, hopefully this will help a few people decide which machine to buy.

at home laser hair removal
Yes, I’m a nerd and still store my SensEpil over 2 years later in the original box (those boxes are the exact same size, by the way). My Flash&Go came with an extra bulb insert, I don’t remember if my SensEpil did as well.

comparision of the silk'n flash&go and SensEpil at home laser hair removal machines
When you pull them out, you can immediately see how much smaller and more simple the Flash&Go is than the SensEpil.

I didn’t include the pictures, but the Flash&Go actually came with 2 different plugs. It’s the same power cord, but there are 2 inserts, 1 for US plugs and 1 for… somewhere else. It is 2 long and skinny round pegs. I’m not sure where it works. It’s likely most of Western Europe, because I’m pretty sure my friends the Canadians use the same plugs as us, though I haven’t been there for a long time so maybe I’m remembering something wrong.

The controls are much easier to use than they look. Turn it on, then hit + or – to go up and down between the 5 levels of intensity. The other lights are warnings about your skin being too dark (which it sometimes tells me even though I’m super pale), or to warn you that you’re getting towards the end of your bulb life.

In addition to being smaller and easier to set up, the light bulb area on the Flash&Go is smaller than the SensEpil (4 cm vs 6 cm). The life of the bulb is also different, the Flash&Go has 1000 charges and SensEpil has only 750. So, while there are more charges, and that Flash&Go window is bigger than other at home laser hair removal devices on the market…. If you’re looking to do a lot of hair removal in larger areas such as your legs, the SensEpil is probably a better choice for you. When I have time to start treating my legs again I’ll definitely be breaking that one out. In the meantime, I want to treat my face, so the Flash&Go is perfect!

I’ll update in a few weeks to let you know how it is going with the Flash&Go.

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Product Sent for Review Affiliate Links
I purchased the SensEpil and Silk’N sent me the Flash&Go

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  1. 11.14.12

    this is now going on my Christmas list!


  2. 12.10.12

    Technology has brought us many things which make our daily lives more simpler and easier, such kind of products are effective and they are a one time investment, i also use a similar device to remove unwanted hair from my body.

  3. 9.8.13
    Vanessa said:

    Ahh! That's AWESOME! Love the Trekkie analogy – spot on!!

  4. 10.3.13

    I've been doing at home laser treatments for a couple of months with a Tria and it's so awesome! Anything that I can do at home, rather than having to set an appointment, is great! Hope it's still working well for you! BTW–I'm also a sci fi nerd and love Star Trek (and Dr. Who. Torchwood, etc etc)!

  5. 12.4.13
    Anonymous said:

    well, It's been 2 years since you wrote this. Any update?

  6. 5.19.22
    Roxanne said:

    What did you do for hair removal while pregnant? Specifically upper lip and bikini area

    • 5.19.22
      Christine said: