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At Home DIY Pedicure Kit: Everything You Need

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At Home DIY Pedicure Kit: Everything You Need via @15minbeauty
As nice as it is to have a professional pedicure, I don’t always have the hour or so needed to stop into my local nail salon and let someone else paint my toe nails. But, I also want to keep my feet looking pretty!

I thought I would share some of my favorite at home pedicure products, you can buy all of them at Sally Beauty. I’m stocked up now for the rest of the summer, I’ll keep doing my pedis at home until my bump prevents me from reaching my toes!

At Home DIY Pedicure Kit: Everything You Need

1. Scrub Away Rough Spots

For me, the biggest part of pretty feet is having soft feet that aren’t full of white, dry areas. Yuck.

I love the Heel to Toe Exfoliating Polishing Foot Scrub, which actually has pumice in the scrub! It’s great all over my foot and helps get rid of some of the rougher parts.

Next, I use Dr. G’s 3-in-1 Antimicrobial Callus & Cuticle Remover. When applied to my feet to smooth rough spots, I need to give it about 4 or 5 minutes to work. Then I use a pumice stone (I like the Mr. Pumice Extra-Coarse Pumi Bar, though I also keep an “original” strength Pumi bar around as well) to scrub down any rough areas.

Once I’ve used the Callus & Cuticle Remover on my feet, I apply it to my cuticles and give it a minute or so before using a thumb nail to push down my cuticles and remove any excess.

The Callus & Cuticle Remover works really well, and I do think my feet are even softer than when I get a professional pedicure, but it is something you need to use every week or so. I keep it in the shower! Note that the active ingredients in this one are Urea and Benzalkonium Chloride (a disinfectant), so it is pregnancy safe.

2. Pamper Your Legs

When I have a little extra time, I do like to exfoliate my legs a bit too. It’s something they do at my nail salon, and it makes the whole process seem more pampering! While they use a scrub at the salon, I’ve fallen for Heel to Toe Peppermint Sloughing Lotion.

The Sloughing Lotion is not like any other lotion I’ve tried! Usually, after using the scrub and callus remover, I rinse off my feet and pat them dry. Then I grab this lotion (it smells amazing, like Peppermint), and start rubbing it into my legs and feet. While you’re rubbing it in, you’ll actually start to get little pills of dead skin off. It sounds strange, but it looks like Elmer’s Glue and isn’t a big deal. You can rinse off and repeat as needed. I’ve found that it takes a long time to work on the rougher areas, but it is perfect for your legs, around the ankles, and top of the feet.

3. Super Moisturize

Once you’ve rid your legs and feet of rough skin, it’s time to add moisture! I like super hydrating and non-greasy moisturizers, the Heel To Toe Argan Heel and Foot Treatment is perfect for this. If you get any on your nail, make sure you wipe it off (with rubbing alcohol, acetone or polish remover) before applying polish.

4. Buff Up Your Nails

Finally, it’s time to prepare the nails for polish! I have pretty thick ridges on my toenails, so I do buff them down a little with a Buff & Shine Block. I only use the first few buffing sides, not the shine side. If your nails are too slick your polish will slide right off! I also shape the nails with a Beauty Secrets Black Cushion Nail File.

5. Apply A Pretty Color

Everyone has their favorite polish colors for a pedicure, but I’m a bright pink girl. This is Orly in Oh Cabana Boy, and it is perfect for the summer!

I always use Heel to Toe Toe Spacers when polishing my toes. My little toes tend to curl under and smudge the polish on things otherwise. Spacers are worth the 90 cents invested! I use 2 coats of Orly Bonder Basecoat on my toes. I’ve found that the extra coat helps my pedicures stay chip free for a full 10 days, which is usually when I need to redo my pedicure. After 2 coats of polish, my favorite top coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I love how shiny it is.

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