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Alba Botanica Very Emollient Foam Shave Review

Product Sent for Review
Alba Botanica Very Emollient Foam Shave Review

I’m always up for trying new products, and I admit that I’ve been “stuck” for a while with my typical Skintimate shave gel and Venus razors. I very rarely deviate, and it has been years! Alba Botanica sent me their Very Emollient Foam Shave to try out, and I have to say that I’ve finally found a product that makes me rethink my perpetual repurchasing of the Skintimate.

The first thing to know about the Alba Botanica is that it is aerosol free. So, instead of a metal can putting who knows what out into the environment, this is a plastic bottle, which using an air pump will give you a light loose foam. It’s foamy enough that you can easily spread the product on your skin. But, it isn’t very well formed, it dissipates pretty quickly. Which really doesn’t have anything to do with how well it works. Just don’t expect crazy foam that sticks around.

The next thing that’s important is actually my favorite part. It. Smells. Amazing. Yes. Like, I wish it was a perfume. Or at least a smelly lotion. This is Mango Vanilla, and it is definitely more mango than vanilla. It isn’t too sweet, not fake at all, it’s something that if offered in smoothie form I would drink down very quickly. Yum!

Finally, does this stuff actually work? Yes, it does. I’m used to the super thick foam from my Skintimate, so this was something to adjust to. But, it does lubricate shaving. It doesn’t hurt, it definitely helps me get a close shave and my skin feels super soft afterwards.

I will have to go a bit out of my way to keep buying the Alba Botanica (they don’t sell this product at some of my more typical stores), but I like the idea of a close shave without aerosols. And that smell…. mmmmmmm….

Alba Botanica
Product Sent for Review

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