The Powder Foundation I Love for Fall

The Best Powder Foundation

I have a confession. I do not like powder foundations. But there’s one I keep using over and over.

There are a few reasons that I usually hate powder foundations. My first exposure to powder foundations came through mineral foundations, which my skin doesn’t seem to like. Something in the foundations makes my skin itchy and rashy, I think it might be the Mica. Even when I do find a powder foundation that my skin can tolerate, I’ve found that the dry areas on my skin are very emphasized by powder foundation. This has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

Despite this, there’s 1 powder foundation that I keep coming back to. And you can buy it on a TSV over on QVC today!

The foundation is IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. I love it because it works great as a setting powder, but offers more coverage than other powders. I’ve tried this with other powder foundations, but the IT Cosmetics foundation is my favorite. The trick is to apply the foundation with the puff (it is hidden underneath the foundation in that compact). I gently pat it on to areas that need some help, especially my nose and chin in the middle of the day. If I’ve applied a lot of the powder, I might use a brush like the one pictured (that’s the Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush which comes with the TSV) to gently buff the foundation. That’s it!

You can get 2 of the foundation and the brush pictured here (which is my favorite brush for applying liquid or cream foundation) as a TSV over on QVC today!

IT Cosmetics Supersize SPF50 Celebration Foundation with Luxe Brush set

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  1. judy h.
    July 28, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    I have used PUR Minerals pressed powder foundation for years and love it. I’m approcahing my 60th birthday and think perhaps I need something more ‘dewy’ looking. I cannot stand the feel of liquid foundation on my face. Do you think the IT powder foundation would be an improvement over the PUR minerals? Thanks!

    • 15mins
      July 28, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      Judy emailed me as well, but I want to share my response here in case it helps anyone else!

      I have only tried the Pur Minerals foundation you’re talking about once, it makes me itchy and my eczema flares up. I’m not sure what ingredient I’m sensitive to in mineral makeup, but it is in not Pur and BareMinerals. I remember that I did like the Pur, until I was itchy!

      The It Cosmetics one works really well for me, but I’ll be drier in the winter. I think you might actually do better with a light to medium coverage BB Cream, since they’re so hydrating they’re perfect for areas of dryness! My all time favorite is the YSL one, a total splurge. I’ve also had good luck with both Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier (the tinted moisturizer from her), and also the Maybelline if you want to just grab one at the store and see if you can adjust to not using a powder.

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