Creating a Makeup Brush Kit with Ecotools

Creating a Makeup Brush Kit with Ecotools

I have a thing for makeup brushes. I love them, and I’m very picky about them. I need to have certain shapes and sizes when I do my makeup. I need to have them feel balanced in my hand. And I don’t like to “make do” with a smaller than usual set when I’m out of town. No. I am a girl that likes to have a ready to go, complete, and full sized brush set for travel. And somehow my set is less than complete. The last few times I’ve travelled I’ve had to grab some off of my vanity, then things get misplaced… you get the idea.

Since we’re heading out of town in a few weeks for our Spring Break, this is the perfect time to put together a new travel makeup brush collection. I headed to my local Walmart, where there’s a big display of Ecotools brushes. They’ve just changed up the packaging, and they look super cute! I was able to create an entire makeup brush set for travel with just 4 purchases. There’s a coupon deal now too, more on that in a bit.

Ecotools starter brush set

Ecotools Starter Brush Set

This brush set is the best place to start when creating your makeup brush set. There are 5 brushes and a little makeup bag in this set, which is perfect for putting all of the brushes in to keep them separated from my makeup.

• Powder/Blush Brush: This is the perfect soft brush for your blush or face powder. I like a brush this size for blush, so I’ll use it for that. I think it would also be great for bronzer, when you want a sunny, glowy effect.
• Concealer Brush: I don’t typically use a concealer brush, but this is also a great size for eye shadow.
• Full Shadow: A slightly smaller and fluffier brush than the concealer brush
• Angled Liner: Perfect for smudging liner, or applying brow powder.
• Spoolie: Don’t fill in your brows without this! I use a spoolie every day to soften my brows, creating a more natural effect.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set

I love that these two brushes have all of the brushes I need to do my eyes! The four ends have everything you need to shade, define, blend and smudge.

Ecotool Full Powder Brush

Ecotools Full Powder Brush

This brush is basically a larger version of the powder/blush brush in the Starter Set. It’s just the right size for applying powder all over my face and is super soft!

Ecotools blender sponge duo

Ecotools Blender Duo

I love using sponges to blend my concealer and foundation, and I couldn’t resist the shape of this set! The two sponges come together and they are slightly different sizes. Instead of the typical egg shape, there are 2 flat sides and a linear point, so they’re perfectly shaped to reach into areas like around your eyes and nose. I’ve also found that the flat sides are great at gently blending my face.

I mentioned that there’s a coupon to purchase these items yourself! has $2 off any (1) EcoTools product at Walmart, make sure you snag that before you head to the store.

Creating a Makeup Brush Kit with Ecotools

I have a pretty complete set currently, but might head back to grab some more brushes to contour and highlight. What would you add to this set of brushes?

You can find all of these brushes at Walmart!
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