The Sleep Styler Review: The Best No Heat Curls

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the best no heat curls

We always want what we don't already have. And for me, that's always been curly hair. Growing up my hair was stick straight, and while I've gotten a little wavier as I've gotten older, I definitely don't have real curls or waves! So, I'm forever trying out new ways to get the hair that I want. Especially any way to do it that involves less time/effort on my part, lasts for as long as possible, and I want pretty curls that are big and loose, and look like I've spent a lot of time on my hair.

Today, I'm going to share the newest way I've found to get those curls. It doesn't require heat even (amazing!), I can do it at night and wake up to great hair. I'm so excited about this set of curlers, I want to tell everyone! Go ahead and order one of your own, then come back and I'll tell you more about what you just spent money on.

the best no heat curls

So, The Sleep Styler is my newest obsession. It's a set of 8 sleep curlers, basically like doing rag curls, but these curlers have more substance to them so in the morning you end up with bigger, loose curls that are well formed and uniform, as if you had curled them with a curling iron.

You can see that the curlers are pretty long (perfect for longer curls if you have long hair), and they are filled with a soft foam that keeps its shape. You can take the covers off to wash if you want as well.

the best no heat curls

Here I am trying out a few of the curlers, pretty much the moment I opened the box. Yes, I was that excited.

They're very easy to use. You put them in at night and sleep on them. Your hair should be wet, likely with some product in it (we'll get to that in a bit), you curl your hair around the curlers and then curl the cord around your hair in the opposite direction to hold it in place. Then you just go to bed. The curlers are pretty soft and I found them easy to sleep on, and I'm a side sleeper!

the best no heat curls
My first night results, pretty amazing and it only gets better from here

You can use the Sleep Styler with pretty wet hair, though note how wet and how large of chunks of hair to use kind of depends on the person. The first night I did this, my hair was only about 50% dry after a shower, and in the morning one side of my head was still a bit damp, so the curls on that side deflated quickly. It was my fault, my hair was too wet and that was the side I sleep on at night.

So, you do need to experiment a bit. I've been drying my hair a bit at the roots to help give volume, and getting my hair about 80-90% dry with the dryer before putting in the curlers. I've also found that my hair does better with some product in it. When my hair is healthy like now, it is really hard to get it to hold curl well. I've been using some smoothing serum and volumizing mousse, which helps my hair hold the curl all day. I've also been using pretty large chunks of hair, but I have enough on my head for about 4 additional people, so that's a lot of hair per curler! I use the entire set of eight each night, I'm debating about getting a second set so I can do smaller sections of hair, and my 5 year old has expressed some interest in trying it out as well.

The Best No Heat CurlsThe Best No Heat Curls
This is today. On the left, right after I took out the curlers, on the right after a little finger combing. Pretty amazing for roughly 2 minutes of paying attention to my hair this morning!

I've been playing with The Sleep Styler curlers for a while now, and my results have gotten better and better! A few tips:
• I've found that putting gel in my hair for a bit of hold is really the key to longer lasting curls. I'm especially loving the MoroccanOil Medium Hold Gel
• Since I have so much hair, I added a second set of curlers. I usually use 11 for my hair, and the smaller sections have made a big difference! My hair is a bit wetter when I put in the curlers now, and they are much drier when I remove them.
• I have been compressing the curlers by about 25% when I roll my hair in them, the slightly tighter curls are better lasting for my hair.

You can find The Sleep Styler on their website!
Product Sent for Review


Anonymous said...

Love it Christine! You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

I would LOVE to try these. They seem like the perfect product for me as I have naturally wavy, rather unruly hair, which I only air-dry. Unfortunately, I am afraid to "purchase" this product through Kickstarter after just having read numerous reviews stating the site is a scam. Hopefully, the curlers take off some day soon and become available elsewhere.

Sarah-Louise Baker said...

These look amazing, do they come in different colours?

Arts Doc said...

I love this idea. Unfortunately, the link to kickstarter didn't work. and you never got around to talking about the product you used.

Christine said...

Thanks Isabel!

Anon- I've never heard of Kickstarter as a scam itself, though I suppose people could promise rewards for supporting on there and then not following through. This is the prelim, beta version of the product and since it has been supported I would expect that they'll have a normal storefront for purchase in the next 6 months or so.

Sarah-Louise, I know I've seen other colors of their curlers when they were testing other preliminary versions, when they're fully available I wouldn't be surprised to see additional colors.

Arts Doc- I'm not certain why the link stopped working, it was forwarding automatically to their Kickstarter without an issue for a while. I've fixed it. I'm not certain why you think I never talked about the product as I clearly did for several paragraphs and offered many pictures... I guess I can't please everyone.

Jackie Billing said...

Looks like a good idea. My hair doesn't curl well, I would probably use two sets.

Anonymous said...

Do you think these would work if you had a few long layers? Not sure if your hair has layers or not.

Christine said...

I do have layers! I just tuck them in, no problem at all.

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