Easy to Use Volumizing Tool: Voloom Review

Product Sent for Review

Easy to Use Volumizing Tool: Voloom Review

Yes, check it out. That is the craziest flat iron ever. Well, obviously it isn't a flat iron, there's no way that it will create silky straight hair. In fact, it is just the exact opposite. Voloom is a crimper that add "volume pockets", specially crimped areas of hair, to add tons of volume to your hair. Exactly where you want it, sans product, and it lasts for days.

Voloom hair volume crimper review

The secret really is in the shape of those volume pockets. People have been doing this for years with regular crimpers, but the zig zag pattern tends to align itself and go flat after a while.

hair tool to add a ton of volume to your hair

Voloom is pretty easy to use, just clip the upper layers of your hair out of the way, they even give you great crocodile hair clips to get that job done. Voloom can be set to any temp you want with the +/- buttons, and you'll see the current temp in the digital display. Above is what the hair looks like when you've crimped it.

Volumized Hair with Voloom Pics

Here's a quick look at my before and after. Yes, I have a ton of hair, and I've just roughly blow dried my hair, so I have quite a bit of volume already (don't be fooled, that volume will weigh itself down within a few hours #toomuchhair). After my hair has a lot more volume. I could move to Texas and not be embarrassed by my flat hair. (Is that true about Texas? I've really never been there, but I'm going to believe that the stereotype is right.)

This extra volume is a lot more than I see with a dry shampoo, it can last for a few days and I can put it wherever I want. It definitely helps me add a day or two to a hair washing, something that is really important to this mommy of a newborn! (Hence, I'm looking a little tired here. Don't mind me, I took these pics after a few *very* rough nights, not even my super high coverage concealer could help me!)

Product Sent for Review


  1. Wow that is pretty interesting!

    And wow your hair sure grew out fast! Must of been those prenatal vitamins!

  2. It really did grow fast, though I confess that I'm ine of those people blessed with fast growing hair, I'm not sure that it grew that much faster than usual. This is a blessing when growing it out, but annoying when Im happy with it and have to get my roots done like crazy!

  3. You know what they say, "The higher the hair, the closer to God". Texas born, Texas bred :)


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