A Little Extra Color From A Tinted Balm: L'Oreal Pop Balm Swatch and Review

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Loreal Pop Balm Swatch and Review

I've professed my love for L'Oreal's tinted lip balms many, many times on this blog. I love that they're hydrating, they aren't sticky, they give me just the right hint of color and best of all, they're easy to keep in my jean pocket so I always. always. always. can have one with me.


Sometimes a girl wants a little bit more color. I try using lipsticks, but I fully admit that I'm still just not a lipstick girl. My lips are a tad too dry, so I need to do quite a bit of prep work to get lipsticks to really work well for me, they're not something you can just swipe on while running around!

Loreal Pop Balm Swatch and Review

L'Oreal just released their Pop Balms this fall, they're like their normal Color Riche Balms, but they definitely have more color pay off. I've been reaching for them more often as the temperatures have finally dipped down below 70 on occasion here in Ann Arbor. The pinks are my current favorite, but Fiery Red is going to be my winter go-to red, I can already tell!

Like the Color Riche balms, these are hydrating, not sticky, and I can take them with me everywhere. Check them out if you're a bit anti-lipstick like I usually am!

Loreal Pop Balm Swatch and Review

Product Sent for Review


BroncoMom said...

Hmmm........looks like its a go for me!

Laurie Brown said...

I'm going to have to try those. I love lipstick, but it's hard to just swipe some on when on the go, without a mirror. These look like they would be more forgiving of slight errors! (and I hate sticky balms & glosses)

Mysty Nyckel said...

I also have that problem with lipsticks, my lips are just too dry. And lipsticks dry them out more. I had a couple of these from Loreal a couple years ago, and I like them. I just don't think I had much color payoff. These look very nice though, I will try them! I do like the moisturizing effects (or at least that they don't dry out my lips at all) of those and Revlon's lipstick balms (not the crayons).

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