My Current Skin Perfecting Makeup Routine

Natural makeup routine
Back in April I sharedhow I apply liquid foundation, which works great for me, but was a bit too heavy for the summer. I lightened up my routine some over the summer, reviewed a few products, and mentioned some product mixing here and there…

I’m now using the same routine almost every day with great results and it is so different from what I was doing with my foundation that I think it is definitely time to share the update! You can find the products in this tutorial in my How to Fake That Glowcollection.

1. The Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream is the main reason that I’m not updating my routine for the fall/winter. I seriously love this stuff. This is a lightweight moisturizer, but with a little bit of light deflection, which is great for looking glowy and more awake. It has light coverage, almost up to a medium coverage. I apply roughly a centimeter line of the BB cream to my entire face right after I get out of the shower, just smearing it all over the place. I then go deal with my hair, which takes about 10 minutes or so. When I finish my hair, I won’t need to do anything more with the BB Cream.

2. The next step is concealer! I am currently mixing 3 products on the back of my hand. My ideal mix is usually about 2 parts concealer (this Amazing Cosmetics Concealer is one of my favorites), 1 part brightener (Smashbox Photo Op) and 1 part primer to smooth things out (Freeze 24/7 Freeze and Go). The Smashbox offers just enough light reflection to brighten up my eye area and make me look more awake without being glittery.

I mix everything up on the back of my hand, and my body heat helps to melt it all together. I pat this onto my under eye area. I apply in a triangle with the points being my inner and outer eye corners and my nose. So, it does extend out beyond the circle under my eye. Blending out like this seems to help make me look a lot more awake! Be sure to get the inner corner of your eye as well. I gently pat and product into this area without tugging or rubbing.

3. Now everything needs to be really blended. I am more than a bit obsessed with my Beauty Blender sponge! I use my sponge dry, though I know most people will get their sponge a bit damp before they use it. I dab the sponge over my concealer to blend it, concentrating on the outer edges to blend it in to my skin. I also pat the sponge on any areas that need a little more blending from the BB Cream, usually this is just the end of my nose.

4. Once I’ve blended everything, I apply my first layer of blush. Why? Because I’m a super pale girl and without blush all day long I get asked if I feel ok. I get the best results with the Stila Convertible Color, this is my favorite Lillium. I apply it just to the apples of my cheeks with a brush.

5. Now I use the biggest end of my Beauty Blender in my powder, the Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture Perfect Translucent Powder. The container has a mesh, I just pat the sponge on to the mesh and I pick up the perfect amount of powder. Now I just pat the powder onto my t-zone, over the concealer and blush to set everything. The powder is very fine and with the Beauty Blender you can’t even see that it is on my skin. Love that!

4 (again). Time for more blush! The powder brings down the intensity of the Lillium quite a bit, so applying a very small amount with my brush will punch up the color a bit. I’ve found that layering my blush like this makes it last all day, avoiding the awkward questions about my health.

6. Finally, if I’m feeling up for it I’ll apply a little bronzer! I’ve been using the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Matte Bronzer. It’s great for pale girls like me, it’s light enough to work for my skin without any shimmer or orange tint. I usually apply just a little under my cheeks for contouring and then under my jawline for a little added definition.

Have you been mixing products together to get the results you want, or am I the only one? What about any great new face products you’ve found recently?

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  1. November 27, 2013 / 4:02 pm

    Nice routine you have. And I love the Beauty Blender! No other tool can give my foundation such a lightweight natural finish as my pink egg!

  2. November 27, 2013 / 5:36 pm

    Love your routine, and have just fallen madly in love with the Beauty Blender. What about yur SPF? Out here in California we need it every day At what point would you put your suncreen on? Great post. Off to find your ebay page.

  3. Anonymous
    November 28, 2013 / 11:49 pm

    Am new to your blog and love the info!
    Had to share my life changing beauty tip, graciously given by an Anastasia rep.

    Am 60 y/o and post chemo X4 months and have NO eyebrows. Yikes!! (But, I did get curly hair!!!!)
    I have used EVERY ($-$$$) brow product out, and this tip is the Holy Grail !

    Use a damp brush in brow colored eyeshadow.
    Apply as you normally would. I use a small, domed brush by E.L.F. (Use any brush you like.)

    Easy, consistent, and stays on!

    Hope this helps to brighten your day and build your confidence! Remember, we are all FIERCE!!!!!

  4. Anonymous
    December 7, 2013 / 9:33 pm

    Thank you for posting your method! From your method, I'm gleaning your concealer step and adding it to mine. Since MAC has d/c'ed my HG concealer (Studiosculpt), I've been struggling with finding a concealer that is pigment without titanium dioxide or other brighteners. You see, those ingredients flash white in pictures so it appears like I have half moons painted underneath my eyes. I'm going to try mixing my concealer with a bit of foundation, and use the triangle method. Hopefully, it will tone down and blend out the whiteness that most concealers have, but also add depth and dimension back into my face. Dang! Foundations and concealers are the most challenging part of wearing makeup!


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