Makeup Wars: Oils! The Best of Derma-e

Product Sent for Review

best beauty oils for hair and skinToday for Makeup Wars we’ve decided to look at oils. Which I admit seems a bit strange to me. I spent years avoiding anything and all oils. It was oil free everything while I was a teen, and I admit that carried over well into my late twenties. I’ve only recently started embracing oils, and I admit that what really started the ball rolling was Moroccan Oil. Which is probably the case for many others. Since then I’ve used other oils such as the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil and the Redken Diamond Oil I keep mentioning here and on Babble but haven’t yet actually reviewed…

I thought that today was a great time to mention a trio of oils that I’ve been really loving but haven’t mentioned yet, the oils that Derma-e recently sent me. There is seriously an oil for everyone in that trio!

Derma e oil ingredients
All three oils are based on Argan Oil, which means that all three are pretty hydrating. And while only one of them says hair and nails, I’ve used all of them on my hair and nails and there weren’t any issues (though that hair and nail one was better on my hair than the other 2!)

Soothing Facial Treatment Oil: This is the oil that I’ve been reaching for on days that my rosacea is a bit more irritated and my skin needs a little pampering. This oil is a little lighter in color than the others, and also is a little less viscous. It has a very subtle, herbal scent. Once I apply it on to my face it sinks in within a few minutes but there is some residue left on my skin. To me, this is a great night treatment, not something I’d use during the day. When I wake up in the morning, everything is sunken into my skin and I’m definitely more hydrated and glowy! I do think it has helped when my skin is irritated, calming everything down.

Hydrating Facial Treatment Oil: I’ve turned to this oil when my skin is more dehydrated, and one night I even did half Hydrating and half Soothing oils. The Hydrating is more hydrating than the Soothing oil, though not by much. The Hydrating oil is a bit thicker and a deeper yellow than the Soothing oil, and has a citrus scent.

Skin, Hair and Nail Oil: If you’re going to buy just one of the oils, this is the one to get. It works well on my face to provide hydration, though it isn’t as hydrating as the Hydrating Facial Treatment Oil. This is the one that with a few drops to my hair did the best job of adding shine and smoothing any frizz. When used on my hands it sinks into the skin the fastest and does the best job of hydrating my cuticles as well.

Have you used an oil lately? What’s been working well for you?

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