Makeup Wars: Color War! Making Teal Wearable for Work

Product Sent for Review
Makeup Wars Teal
This week for Makeup Wars we’ve decided to hold a color war! We’ve all picked a color to show off somehow, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show off the Fall 2013 products that NARS sent me a few weeks ago. I’ve been dying to use that blueish-teal color!
Makeup Wars: Nars 2013 review and swatches
NARS sent me a few products to try out.

• Yamal: This is a very basic, matte color that pretty much everyone needs. Really.
• Bavaria: Insanely, insanely pretty! It has a little bit of shimmer.
• Brow Perfectors: Yes, the image of the pencils at the end is way too bright, though you get a good idea of their shape and you can see the colors in the swatch. It comes in 4 shades and that shape does help it to give a more natural look when you fill in your brow. I’ve been using mostly Caucase, though Salzbourg also works for me.
• Paimpol: This is a matte lip pencil, which does sound a bit strange, and the color is a bit translucent, but it seems to help create a great light lip. I can’t show it really in a swatch (it really blends in), and in pics on my lips it doesn’t show up either. In person it’s pretty great, you’ll have to take my word on it!

Makeup Wars Making Teal more wearable for eyes
This was my makeup look at work on Sunday. I took pics with my cell in the parking lot before driving home, so it isn’t perfect, but you get the idea! I first applied Yamal to my entire lid, up over the crease. I put Bavaria on the outer half of my lid, a bit darker at the very outer corner than the middle. I put black liner into my lash line, then using a smudge brush I picked up a bit of the Bavaria and smudged out the liner some. I loved the way the Bavaria blended with the black liner. I finished up with lots of mascara, the Paimpol lippie (See? Can’t really see it) and a little bit of blush (Lillium Stila Convertible Color).

I loved this look, it was more interesting than my more neutral looks that I usually wear to work.

(Also, pro blogging tip: be sure to take a selfie with your phone in the car, after you’ve been at work for most of the day. The indents in your nose from your glasses will make the pic post worthy!)

 photo colorwar.jpg

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