Too Faced Natural Eye: One of My Go-To Eye Palettes for Work

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review
This week I'm continuing my Too Faced "week" (loosely used, it will be a few more days!) and today I'm showcasing one of my real "go-to" eye shadow palettes. On days that I don't really want to think about it, I will frequently grab this palette to create a pretty but neutral and professional look.

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Swatch
The only issue I have with these shades is that Nude Beach is pretty... glittery? It's not really glitter, it's more like powder that's about the size of glitter but only a bit shimmery. Regardless, it has a lot of fallout, so I tend to use that color sparingly. I have noticed that it mixes well with Silk Teddy, so I'll often dip my brush into both pans and use them together.

Too Faced Natural Eye, How to Get the Look
When using this palette, I end up with this eye look about 90% of the time. Here I've used Silk Teddy all over my lid, up over my crease and into the contour area a little. I then applied Push Up in the crease and to about the point where the Silk Teddy ends in the contour, and in a little V almost over the outer 1/3 of the lid. I blend all of the shadows very lightly.

Here I've used a brown smudgy liner (this is Stila Oscar Fish), which I've pushed into the lash line and then smudged into the shadow. I finish by curling, curling and still curling my lashes and then applying mascara (more about how I apply mascara).

Too Faced Natural Eye, Classic for Work

Too Faced
I Bought It


  1. This is one of my favorite palettes, I use it all the time.

  2. I love this palette so much that if I were taking makeup to a desert island, I'd pack it!

  3. It's an easy yet pretty palette to wear. I find that every Too Faced palette I own ends up with one color that ends up on my face more than on my eyes though. I usually have to leave that one alone but I don't care when I can enjoy the rest.

  4. I love the too faced palette! The colors are beautiful and sparkly...I love anything that shimmers and shines.

  5. I LOVE Too Faced palettes! :)

  6. I love this palette, it's perfect for everyday - I also alternate by using the naked eye palette. I used it for law firm interviews and I still now use it for work - it has one of the more conservative but flattering eyeshadow combos. My only issue is that I wish the product lasted longer and didn't crease, if I don't really wear primer these tend to fade. either way, like you said this is really a go-to!


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