Makeup Wars: My Favorite Holiday Metallics

I've been holding back on you. I had some craziness at work about 2 weeks ago, followed very quickly by the holiday, which means I have all sorts of stuff sitting around my house, that I've been loving and enjoying, and haven't gushed about on my blog yet!

Aren't these shadows gorgeous? They make me want to go all RZ and use words like "amazeballs" and "bananas". (Does she use those words anymore? I stopped watching her show ages ago...)

Anyways, this week for Makeup Wars we are featuring our favorite metallics for the holiday season, and the metallics seem to be an even bigger trend than usual this year! Instead of the typical gold and silver, there are so many variations with bronze, copper and platinum thrown into the mix. The metallics seem more wearable than ever!

These 2 shadows are from Laura Mercier's Art Deco Muse collection for the holidays. I have some other pieces from the collection that I need to share as well, but I'm particularly in love with these 2 shadows and had to feature them here!

The shadows pictured here are Gilded Platinum (left) and Gilded Moonlight. Also available are Gilded Rosegold, and Gilded Bronze.

Somehow these are glitzy without being glittery and overbearing. I've been reaching for them almost daily! I've been using Gilded Platinum under my lower lash line, on the inner 1/3 or so and the tear duct area as a little highlight. It catches the light and has a good amount of shimmer but doesn't scream "DISCO!", which I love. Gilded Moonlight has been so pretty when combined with neutral shades to add a little depth. Sometime, if we ever see a little sun again around here, I'll share pics with everyone.

In the meantime, put these on your Christmas list!

Laura Mercier


  1. Y'all are killing me with all of these beautiful LM Metallics. I have been lemming Rose Gold, but these are gorgeous too!!!

  2. Those are gorgeous. I am loving those shadows too!

  3. Those shadows ARE gorgeous & I agree, they're not too much. Love Laura Mercier!

  4. Agreed! These Art Deco shadows are beautiful!!! I have the platnium and love it too. Actually, I almost selected it for this post and then decided to just focus on polish. :)

  5. Those are very pretty! Also? I love that you said amazeballs!

  6. Gilded Platinum is gorge!!! Such a nice collection from LM!!!

  7. I had a feeling someone was going to make me spend money and now with these LM as favorites for some of you I'm getting weaker. These are gorgeous even if I can't think of who RZ is (duh).

  8. Okay, that's it--I am getting these at the next Sephora sale!

  9. I was thinking about the Laura Mercier shadow and could not decide if I should buy it but it looks pretty cool so maybe I will give it a try. Thanks for the information. Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  10. I am in love with Gilded Moonlight. Now I want the rest of them!

  11. Amazeballz eyeshadows right in the photo labelling huh? LOL Those must be some great eyeshadows! They look gorgeous! Love the embossing as well.


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