Makeup Wars: My Favorite Nail Polish Options for Fall

Fall Nail Polish
Fall is by far my favorite season. Changing leaves, crisp cool air, college football (even when your team gets spanked by the reigning national champs in a very embarrassing game).... I love it all. I want to put on some dark lippies, nail polish and wear boots with everything!

This week for Makeup Wars we've decided to share our favorite fall nail polish colors. I had a really hard time deciding, so I've opted to show you my favorite new release color and my all time favorite color as well!

Butter London Gobsmacked
Butter London's new fall collection includes this amazing dark blue-ish grey glitter. I have been wanting a perfect dark grey glitter, and while I have a few options (like OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous), somehow the plain dark grey comes across as too dark and just blah on me. This shade is dark grey in about 95% of lights, but there is a little bit of blue in it (as you can see here in the closeup) and somehow that keeps it from looking flat and boring with my pale coloring.

This is 3 coats. The glitter is suspended in an almost completely translucent base, and the first coat I used was very thin, I thought I'd need 20 coats to opaque! Luckily that wasn't the case. Use thin layers, the glitter can get gloppy quickly.

Essie Wicked
Essie Wicked is my old stand-by fall vampy color. This is my 3rd bottle. Yes, I've repurchased it twice! This dark red is very dark, but just not quite so dark that it looks black (it is most definitely a dark red-burgundy in pretty much any lighting). This is 3 coats.


  1. omg I don't think I've gotten through ONE bottle of polish let alone three of the same lol
    I can't wait to pick up some Butter London Fall shades <3

  2. Yet another really nice Butter London shade. The Essie is great too!!!

  3. Wow 3rd bottle! I don't think I've ever repurchased a polish! That's devotion! I ordered all the Fall Butter London's and the anticipation of their arrival is killing me!

  4. I don't know if you can tell, but that Essie is only half full as well, I've gone through a lot of it!

  5. Essie Wicked is simply.....wicked!!!!

  6. Fall is my fav season too...specifically the month of October! I have Gobsmacked as well and think it will get heavy use once the weather turns cooler!

  7. I wore Gobsmacked last weekend and it's amazing. It's definitely a fall favorite!

  8. I almost bought Gobsmacked last week but I have a LMDB that's similar. I LOVE deep, deep reds so I must have Wicked!

  9. I LOVE Gobsmacked! I actually just picked up a few Butter Lon polishes at Nordstrom, but didn't see that.

  10. Wow I love the second one. It's more attractive than the silver. But I am more into using those bright colors though. Anyway, should try switching to other colors too.

  11. Essie Wicked is petty amazing! I can definitely see why its one of you fall faves!


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